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Why isn't my website displayed correctly in IE10? Where is the bug?

Can someone who is 'at home' in HTML and CSS help me an tell me why isn't my website displayed correctly in IE10?
LINK to my website
As you see the picture gallery do not start from the top of the page in IE10. In IE9 I had the same issue but the metatag making the page appear like in IE8 fixed the issue. But no help in IE10. Seems like the IE10 does not understand this metatag.
I believe the bug in the source code must be between lines 1 and 140, or inside CSS (I must warn you that it is very difficult to read my sourcecode due to many tables and tables inside tables). I have tried to add valign and vertical-align tags with 'top' value and change values in rowspan but nothing helps.
But maybe it is not my fault at all because other browsers display the page correctly.
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Posted: 03/02/2013, 05:00:53 AM
Oh, And I must add that DT looks a mess in IE 10 (running on windows7) too.
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Posted: 03/02/2013, 15:11:42 PM
You can check any web page in any browser here - Browser Shots, it comes in handy if you are doing any web design.
Posted: 03/02/2013, 15:37:44 PM
ok. thanks.
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Posted: 03/02/2013, 16:34:29 PM
On my experience, the most problems for wer-pages arises just with IE. Reasons in most cases belong to IE, not to web page code. In some cases I managed to fix problem by editing my HTML (after long trip through lot of Interbet forums reading). In some cases I had to remove some part of HTML that caused a conflict with IE. In some cases I just wrote somewher at the bottom: "The page is optimised for Opera 9+ and Firefox 10+" or something like this.

I am not professional web-designer but after reading number of forums where web-designers discuss specific problems of different kind I got a knowlege thet IE is a 'head ache' for everybody. Unfortunately, appr. 20% of visits are IE, so one can not ignore the problems.
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Posted: 03/03/2013, 02:37:37 AM
thanks for the reply. The link Red gave showed that in most browsers my website looks ok. So I believe this is the issue on IE side.. well at least i've given up finding the problem & solution because I just cannot imagine what is wrong in my code. In summer when i have more time i'll take another look.
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Posted: 03/03/2013, 03:31:48 AM
Wonderful images by the way. As someone who lives in an area with lots of winter I love the snowflake macros. In Firefox, latest version, on a Mac the site looks great.
Posted: 03/03/2013, 09:23:13 AM
Thank you, Red! :)
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Posted: 03/15/2013, 15:44:03 PM
You could try this to help...

Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
Result: 190 Errors, 2 warning(s)

There are a LOT of similar errors, for example you have an awful lot of classes with the same ID in the file.

e.g. id='galerii_foto_index' This should be a unique identifier only used once on each document.

Hope it helps you go go through the files. It might not fix the Ie bug but will mean everything else is ok before you look at the issue.

Posted: 10/03/2013, 16:39:45 PM
Solved. I changed "colset" number at one place. I say that the changed number is not correct but browsers display my page correctly now :)

I used id for all picture boxes because these must be the same always. I know id is actually meant for only 1 item. I should have used classes. But it works. So I'm not going to change this (however it is quite easy to fix it).

Thank you for trying to help me out!

Case closed.
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Posted: 05/27/2014, 02:28:46 AM