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New Free image attribution policy

I recently saw that an attribution requirement was added to the free images section. Does that take place on all past images as well as future ones downloaded? For instance, if I am using a free image online that I downloaded a year ago do I now need to go back and attribute that?
Posted: 03/09/2013, 16:21:28 PM
That would be impossible to enforce as many people that have downloaded an image never come back to see that message. That is assuming that the message is in fact new and that you didn't just miss it before.
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I have issues with this thing,

Y'all are moving my pictures into the free section without informing me, now I have issues with clients who claims I owe them money because they're free here. I take great care not to demote my images as free when they're being sold elsewhere..

Also, you're moving entire sets that never got bought, and leaving behind two, maybe three images that DID get bought. It messes up how one looks at a set of images if there are free ones laying around they can get instead.

Could someone clarify this process for me? It's weirding me out.
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 18:49:13 PM
You have to set your preferences for old, non-sold files here - Old Files
But, I'm not sure where the link to this is located, I found what I posted here in an old forum thread but I can't see any link in the Management area. Puzzling.

Aha, I also see that they haven't updated this page. You no longer can submit your old images for re-keywording. An update to the text on that page needs to be made. Images for Database Clean-up, Re-keywording
Edited: 03/31/2013, 19:51:17 PM
Well both links doesn't take me to turn that feature off.

This is very odd. I have no problem closing out my account here if I am not allowed to remove this auto feature and disable my files
IPad mini, other people's camera.
Posted: 03/31/2013, 20:36:31 PM
If you click on the blue link at the bottom of the page that says Click here it changes your default. This is what I see -

Currently your default action is set to disable the images. Click here to set your default action to donating the images to the free section. (emphasis mine)

If I hit the Click here link again I get this -

Currently your default action is set to donate the images to the free section. Click here to set your default action to disable the images.

The change is subtle so you have to read that last sentence carefully after clicking.
Edited: 03/31/2013, 21:19:44 PM
Oh wow. Had to click it a few times to see the change.

Insane! Thanks for the help! Appreciate it.
IPad mini, other people's camera.
Posted: 04/01/2013, 00:03:18 AM
We have updated the text on the Old files page and removed the reference to the re-keywording option. As Red pointed out, the re-keywording option for old files lined up for database cleaning is no longer active. Thanks for pointing this our Red.

@Dersankt: If you encounter any difficulties with one of our features, I recommend you also contact support. Switching the options should be easy.

@Rivercitygraphix: The credit line is always compulsory for editorial usages. For commercial usages, the credit line is optional but highly appreciated.
For the free images however, the credit line has recently become compulsory because these services are free of charge and it is a minimum requirement for the contributors who are generous and kind to donate their images. Of course, this policy is not enforced on old downloads or usages prior to making this compulsory. If you can add the credit line to images already used, it would be great, if not, it is fine. Just remember to add this credit line from now on. Thank you.

Posted: 04/01/2013, 02:44:01 AM