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My Formula for FAST Keywording

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very useful comments, thanks!
I also use another trick: when a whole bunch of photos have been shot in a certain place and there all let me say wildlife pics, I can make a group of keywords like for example: Spain, Spanish, Europe , European, nature, natural, wild, wildlife etc etc and just copy and paste them on every pic I am key wording.
This also saved me lot of time, hope it helps too.
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Posted: 03/29/2013, 18:06:21 PM
Thank you for sharing your formula (seems a good and complete one). Personally I find daunting key wording certain subjects(like some objects or abstract concepts). I tend to simplify it..
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 05:15:10 AM
Thanks for your great blogpost. I just love lists in point-form. It makes it clear and simple. I will print it and try to use your technique next time I submit images.
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 13:48:31 PM
Very useful information,thanks a lot for graet post!)))))
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 08:36:17 AM
Tnx for sharing!
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Posted: 09/10/2014, 14:44:30 PM
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