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Thanks for the Advice and Tips

I'm a new member and I just wanted to thank the message board community for their helpful advice and tips. Specifically, the recommendation to submit several images to get a sense of what they are looking for in terms of quality and composition was really helpful. That advice probably saved me weeks of waiting angst for successive individual photograph reviews. Secondly, the step-by-step processing tips on this board have been invaluable for getting images accepted. The tips offered here are often more accurate and succinct than various internet tips, tutorials, and videos on the same topics. Much thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and encouraging others.
Posted: 03/15/2013, 02:41:05 AM
Welcome! You will find much more help and support as you go on uploading more pictures... Wish you much joy here!
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Posted: 03/15/2013, 03:05:46 AM
It's certainly a learning curve, but lots of info is available on the message boards and Admin are good at providing support as they are approachable & take part in the message boards too.

As you've found, there are some great tips on here plus blogs give advice on all sorts of things.

Enjoy DT & good luck with uploading more images.
Posted: 03/15/2013, 04:39:02 AM
Congratulation for all approved images.
Wish good luck.
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Posted: 03/16/2013, 03:51:15 AM