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Did you update the website? - browsing problems with Internet Explorer

Did you recently update the website? Several things are suddenly going terribly wrong when browsing your website with Internet Explorer. Now, on the opening page, the "sign in" and "password" fields cannot be accessed as they are hidden behind the photograph on display. Also, once signed in from another page, browsing doesn't display pages properly. New searches result in single photographs running down the page only in one column on the left side of the page, instead of having 5 or 6 photos in each row, making it impossible to browse properly. And in Firefox, the "pricing bar" does not display, again making the search engine difficult to use. Please help!
Posted: 03/21/2013, 09:21:22 AM
Everything seems fine here, please contact support providing all relevant info (os, os version, browser version) and screenshots. Thank you.
550D and brain.
Posted: 03/21/2013, 09:34:16 AM