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New to this

Hello my name is Dan and am just learning to use my new camera a Nikon d5100
Posted: 03/31/2013, 13:02:40 PM
I'd look into one of the third party books. I shoot Canon, so can't recommend a Nikon one in particular, but I liked the books David Busch wrote. I believe this one is the comparable one to the Canon books I bought.

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Edited: 03/31/2013, 13:49:49 PM
Hello Dan, Good luck with your new camera and venture. Look forward to seeing your photos eventually. All the best.
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 13:54:32 PM
Have fun with the D5100 its a great Camera to start with and you can get very professional results from it.. You look very layed back in your profile picture! ,>)
Posted: 03/31/2013, 13:54:44 PM
Hi Dan, welcome to DT!

Have fun with your D5100!
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 14:49:32 PM
Welcome Dan and hope you have some good fun here. Best way to learn is to experiment...get the basics down with a manual or good book and then shoot away. Good luck!!
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 15:55:33 PM
Good luck with your new D5100 and your first uploads! :)
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Posted: 03/31/2013, 20:59:33 PM
Waiting to see your images! :)
Read the manual completely. Don't skip anything, especially safety instructions and precautions. You're going to have to care a lot for it because we people start to love our camera. haha!
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Posted: 04/01/2013, 03:47:32 AM
Hey Dan, welcome to our party!

Take your time, upload small batches and don't forget to browse the forum and check out some of our best photos.
Posted: 04/01/2013, 05:14:12 AM
Welcome Dan, Ken Rockwell has a great user guide, which can help.

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Posted: 04/01/2013, 07:02:39 AM
Welcome to DT Dan, great picture, love the curlers. Good luck here!
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Posted: 04/01/2013, 10:53:35 AM
Welcome and good luck...best way to learn is to just keep experimenting...all the time.
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Posted: 04/01/2013, 12:23:33 PM
Hi, welcome on DT and good luck here !!!
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Posted: 04/02/2013, 02:26:13 AM
Welcome! NIkon is a great brand. Always my favorite:) You've received some great advice. Take your time-- I look forward to seeing your images!
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Posted: 04/02/2013, 18:05:04 PM
Hi Dan,

Welcome to DT!

Best of wishes,

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Posted: 04/03/2013, 08:05:38 AM
Hello Daniel welcome to DT and good luck !
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Posted: 04/13/2013, 03:23:03 AM
Welcome to DT, Dan. I love the cardinal shot.

I am a Nikon shooter as well. Check out Thom Hogan, I have used his web site and books when I get a new body. Back when I bought my D200 he had a great chart for it on how to set the settings for different subjects. It made my life of switching between sports, portraits, etc. easy.

Here is his review of the 5100 - http://bythom.com/nikond5100review.htm and it has a link to his "Complete Guide" on the page.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing more,
Posted: 04/13/2013, 15:06:04 PM
i've been wanting a new camera.i've considered the Nikon 5100. i'm still stuck with my old pentax Kx, only now do i feel like i'm getting somewhere with this camera. this whole photography thing has a steep learning curve! ;)
Posted: 04/14/2013, 05:48:54 AM
Hi, Best of luck wit you new camera and with sales on here!
Posted: 04/16/2013, 05:59:55 AM