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March revenue

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For the first time since I have joined to DT I can say it has been an unforgettable month :D....I had a SR-EL sale ... $228 in addition to more than 100 sales. Thanks DT!!!
Posted: 04/02/2013, 11:53:18 AM
March was good to me, even got a couple of good credit sales. Can't wait to become exclusive.
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Posted: 04/02/2013, 15:11:08 PM
Not good, the only top/middle tier site under-performing for me, 47 sales in march and about the same in the previous months.
DT has gone down in the charts too which is a pity since it could have a lot potential.

Congrats to those who did have a BME and congrats to Fred for being the featured artist.
Posted: 04/03/2013, 03:33:46 AM
2nd best in sales (17), BME in revenue
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 05:39:49 AM
my best month at DT so far - 25 sales and first time making over 50 bugs in a month - April started good too ;)
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 06:27:46 AM

Originally posted by Libux77:
Quoted Message: For the first time since I have joined to DT I can say it has been an unforgettable month :D....I had a SR-EL sale ... $228 in addition to more than 100 sales. Thanks DT!!!

That's what I would love to see in my statistics one day. A 100+ sales count for an exclusive portfolio of your size is just so amazing! Congratulations!
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 08:13:12 AM
March was not good for me compared to 2012. Not sure why, but Easter fell early this year & I have little in my portfolio for this holiday:

Down 29% in sales
Down 56% in royalties
Down 39% RPD
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 09:29:18 AM
I had my best month ever. I am still building my port so not making that much. But it was encouraging to see the increase.
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 09:53:02 AM
It was my best month in sales, not so good in revenue though...
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 10:32:06 AM
I'm happy with DT. I saw an increase in sales here. Unfortunately my $ were down on last year overall because of a couple of other sites who are not doing so well.
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Edited: 04/03/2013, 10:52:12 AM
For me March was a very good months: 18 sales and a revenue of $ 38.72
The best is that I had my first U-EL sale for $ 15.
Looking forward to similar or even better months!
Posted: 04/03/2013, 13:16:17 PM
Bme for me
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 14:45:36 PM
well done Afagundes!! for me slow March only 14 sales.. and low RPD. My first month as exclusive, no advantages I see as yet, same placement on search, sales slower than 1 year ago. and we will see,
Im uploading 20 a month thats my goal.
Posted: 04/03/2013, 17:44:51 PM
Excellent! Best month in a year, and 35% up over last March for revenue. 500 sales versus 380 last March...very happy with DT these days!
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 18:01:33 PM
500 sales in a month!
holy crap Brad, well done.
no wonder i'm not selling much, you've got all the Canadian
when i grow up i wanna sell just like you.

again. congrats.

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Posted: 04/03/2013, 19:34:20 PM
It was a great month for me in terms of sales and revenue.
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Posted: 04/03/2013, 22:31:40 PM

Originally posted by Daddiomanottawa:
Quoted Message: when i grow up i wanna sell just like you.

Quote of the day :))
Posted: 04/04/2013, 02:46:31 AM
1 sale in march.
14 new uploads though:) still building up my portfolio.
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Posted: 04/04/2013, 11:48:32 AM

Originally posted by Daddiomanottawa:
Quoted Message: 500 sales in a month!holy crap Brad, well wonder i`m not selling much, you`ve got all the Canadian i grow up i wanna sell just like you.again. congrats.

ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 04/04/2013, 14:42:00 PM
Only 23 sales with low revenue :-(!
Posted: 04/08/2013, 05:03:10 AM
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