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Help grass key wording?

I just submitted some photos and they got accepted but im not sure about the key wording, i should change the key words to something suitable

what is the the suitable key words for these photos

do you think i should remove or add some key words?

if u have any suggestions please tell me

any help would be appreciated

thank you

   Red and green grass   

   Red and green grass   

   Red grass background   

   Red grass on the lawn, natural grass texture   

   Blue grass background   

   Abstract brown painted background   

please any help would be appreciated

Edited: 04/09/2013, 03:43:52 AM
your keyword seem just fine for me.
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Posted: 04/09/2013, 03:56:04 AM
Taking a quick look at the blue grass texture, I would remove these words. I think you are trying to come up with too many words just to have more keywords. It's simply a shot of blue artificial grass. I would remove these words (and probably more)-
garden (this is not a garden)
front (front of what?)
yard (who has a blue yard?)
green (obviously, not green)
meadow (not a meadow)
organic (what is organic about blue grass?)

I'm also not sure about all the sports words you have included, not sure how this image applies to specific sports? If a buyer is searching for soccer will they want a pic of blue artificial grass?

Also, the painting of what looks to me like an abstract woodgrain texture doesn't need the word macro and macros (it is not a macro, that is a super close-up of a specific thing, this is more of an abstract), gray (I only see browns), marine, ornamentations, trendy, revival, table, scrapbook, geometric (it is free-form, not geometric), pinstripe (not think stripes in a regular pattern), trade, curtains, shades, motion, glamor, pastel, orange, walls, materials, fashion, symbol, wallpaper, festive, strip, royal, zebra, jade, shape, gradient, funky, fabric, color, vintage, single wrapper. That's just my opinion, but you have too many words that a buyer will not use to try and find something like these images in a search.
Edited: 04/09/2013, 07:17:20 AM
Is that natural or artificial turf? It really doesn't look to me like natural grass in the closeup view.
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Posted: 04/09/2013, 20:36:41 PM
May want to give Keymasters a shot, just to see what they come up with. Only $0.60 an image.
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 11:19:48 AM
@ Brettossman which image should i submit it for key mastering, keymasters ?

@ Adpower99 its natural grass but after i enhanced the photos alittle it looked like fake grass i guess :$
Posted: 04/11/2013, 07:51:29 AM
I'd probably try all of them for Keymasters, just to see what the "experts" come up with. I Keymaster all mine, and get some great keywords. Than I may plug in some more of my own. BUT, I make sure they are relevant.

Plenty of stuff on here about keywording in blogs and posts.
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Posted: 04/11/2013, 11:16:29 AM
@ Red thank you for your suggestions. i know there is alot of wrong words with the images . im just not a native language speaker so its very hard for me to chose the suitable keywords for each image. appreciate your help alot thanks :))
Posted: 04/11/2013, 12:18:35 PM