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Hi..just starting out

Hi All...Leah here and just starting. Tried to load my first set of shots, but it didn't seem to take. Any suggestions?
Posted: 04/18/2013, 18:55:20 PM
Welcome! Do you mean that you uploaded and it didn't work, or that they were rejected?
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Posted: 04/18/2013, 19:25:58 PM
Welcome to DT, the only thing I can think of is if the file is to small it won't take.
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Posted: 04/19/2013, 17:57:41 PM
Hi thanks for the responses. files not rejected...didn't take. I'm getting a lot of messages back about releases and models, etc...but these are totally abstract and in no need of a release. Your help is really appreciated.
Posted: 04/20/2013, 17:27:08 PM
If you go into the management area under unfinished fils, history, there will be an error message if they are too small. If they uploaded but need info added they will be in the unfinished section until the info is completed.
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Posted: 04/21/2013, 09:18:10 AM
Fils should be files.
Cameras, lenses, phone, eyes, feet and a car.
Posted: 04/21/2013, 09:18:43 AM
Hi again! It seems to be working today..not sure what I did differently, but the files loaded. Now I will be loading a bunch more and hope to get accepted. Thanks for your input.
Posted: 04/27/2013, 08:33:58 AM