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New article posted: 189 online
Posted: 04/25/2013, 10:27:15 AM
You have amazing images, by the way nice collections too. Good luck.
and equipment: - Nikkor 70-300 mm - Nikkor 18-105 mm...
Posted: 1 minute ago
@ Egomezta thank u so much for ur kind support :))
Posted: 1 minute ago
I've been researching a lot on stock lately...I'm not very sure about the demand of the two photos you put in the "portraits" section. For portraits without serious studio setup, look at this guy's portfolio. He has a million dollar gear but I think it is possible with any decent DSLR and lens. :)
For shopkeeper, etc images, I have observed that images with clear view of product sells better. Like if someone is selling medicine...the product medicine should be clearly visible even in thumbnail, the person who is selling it is a part of background. The medicine becomes the main subject.
For example:

Look at this portfolio

Also, some of your darker photos may do better if you brightened them up a bit. I have found that photos with bright blue, red and green sell best. You can try overexposing most of your photos by +1/3 stops. It really works. :)
I'm waiting to upgrade to a DSLR before I start portraits so I don't have many good photos right now. Good luck with sales! :)
55-250mm standard lenses. Dual tube macro flash and external speedlit...
Posted: 1 minute ago
@ Robinstockphotos
i sent most of the photos to keywording today after i wrote this blog..did u really take all your photos without a DSLR with a normal point & shoot cam? how can i adjust the over exposing to +1/3 do u use photoshop to adjust the exposure?
Posted: 1 minute ago
I am currently using Canon gear. ____________________________________...
Posted: 1 minute ago
A DSLR and a mirrorless camera, a bunch of lenses, a flash.
Posted: 04/26/2013, 05:53:50 AM
Maybe this one may fit in your "ruin historic" collection?
 Pausylipon archeologic park in Naples 
A DSLR and a mirrorless camera, a bunch of lenses, a flash.
Posted: 04/26/2013, 08:24:01 AM
@ Rosariomanzo i added your photo to my Runis historic collection :)) its a very good photo (Y)
Posted: 04/26/2013, 08:56:54 AM
VR Nikkor 70-200 F2.8 VRII Sigma DP2m...
Posted: 04/26/2013, 09:30:18 AM
Congratulation Safa!
900 --- Photoshop---Illustrator --- - ...
Posted: 04/27/2013, 05:36:56 AM
Congratulations! Well done
equipment- Visatec Solo Three Monolight Kit, Speedlight-Nikon SB-800,...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Nice !
Canon 1Ds Mark III, 5D2, L Lenses, Broncolor Lighting
Posted: 1 minute ago
Like :-)
Your colours are really nice and the egyptian boys - Happy kids are greate!
Nikon system. D750 and D7100 are the latest cameras.
Posted: 05/03/2013, 02:01:02 AM