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Subscription sales

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Pratik, there are stock sites out there that give as little as $0.19 per sub. Not everyone believes in putting all their eggs in one basket: meaning being exclusive with just one site.

Then there's the lack of fairness when a great photog like Mrallen is NOT making more per sub than you! It's saying such silly things that will keep most of us going in huge debt and never able to recoup much of it, where stock is concerned.

Have you ever sat down and figured out just how much 1 image costs you to take? Or how many subs you'd need to sell to recoup your time and expenses for each one uploaded?
Posted: 06/04/2013, 13:07:07 PM
I know subscription sales are a loss. But there is nothing we can do about it. If we want more revenue, we can of course try sites like personal websites or hosts like Pho$%Shelt%*, right? But then the number of sales will decrease and RPD will increase. It is all about compensation and balance. Which we cannot control.

Best way - just keep uploading. If your income drops by more than 75% quarterly, then something is wrong. Otherwise hang on. At least you have $0.19.
It would take 19 years to earn that much if photographers of our level started selling through personal websites.

Or you could try shooting targeted stock photos. I mean think...what would be most likey used by a single person rather than a big agency or corporation? If you are uploading beautiful woman photos with attractive flowing hair or things like that...most likely, I think you'll get sub sales and occasional EL. But making generic stuff like clouds backgrounds and flowers would more probably give you credit sales. A hydrochloric acid plant photos should give you sub sales probably...like that... optimize your portfolio. Might work or might not.
55-250mm standard lenses. Dual tube macro flash and external speedlit...
Edited: 06/04/2013, 15:32:28 PM
Ah the innocence of youth... :)

I've sold one of my images on the other stock site I think 4 times now for $0.22 which is less than a dollar. Sold that same image to a person 1 time with a profit of $30 and I'm just starting into photography. Other sales outside of stock prolly $500 or so and stock maybe $20 (mostly all subs) over the past 6 months, plus have been hired for a couple of shoots. Though honestly didn't work overly hard to make those or any more sales. Plus I highly doubt I'll net $500 from both sites combined in 6 months!

I'm still concentrating on how to become the best photog I can be: lots of shooting, going to university to study photography, seek out critiques from good photogs, enter contests, get work into Gallery's/Exhibitions, etc. So I haven't put a lot of effort into making sales at this point, but will by the first of the year I suspect. As I have a great amount going out and by then will need some definitely coming in.

The other stock site I only half-heartedly uploaded to being busy with classes. This summer I will put up all I can on 4 sites, then back to university that is time consuming as you know and I'm old. hehe The reality of this industry, photography in general, is very few ever become good enough to make a profit at it. Half of those that are very good photogs don't have the business savvy to make a living at it and of the other half perhaps 5% make it big.

So if by the 3rd year I'm not bringing in over 1,000 credit sales for decent money, then I'm out of all stock sites along with my crap images. Then I'll put far more effort into acquiring clients, making sales, etc. and by the 5th year, I'm not turning a profit, well goodbye photography as a career. I can do something about the mere pittance for subs, not sell images on any stock site if I'm losing money. ;)
Posted: 06/04/2013, 16:42:02 PM
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