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Most of the pictures that I sell are of my baby

My baby turns one tomorrow - so far, almost every picture I have sold has been of her, so clearly, this means that I need to pop out another cute baby sometime soon so I can take more pictures that people will buy - do you think my husband will follow this logic?
Posted: 05/06/2013, 23:22:48 PM
Great photos. Yes, time to pop out another one so you can get some sibling shots :)
Posted: 05/07/2013, 00:08:18 AM
Brilliant photos. Yes agree, Am sure your husband will see the sense and all the wonderful photo opportunities. :)
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 00:21:07 AM
Yes you sure should pop out another one :)) Also, if you have enough children, you can even make a living of those baby photos :) :P
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 01:44:24 AM
We'd love to see the new cutie pie. :)
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 02:19:46 AM
LOL! Congrats on having such a successful baby model. He/she must be adorable!

I don't see why your hubby should object to another baby, as his contribution to the process is the fun part and yours is the 9 months of pregnancy followed by the "joy" of childbirth ;)

If you guys decide not to have another one, don't worry, photos of cute toddlers, kids, and teens also sell well :D
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 11:44:10 AM
LOL...Love the one with the Santa Hat! Beautiful Baby. I would just go for the toddler photos....those terrible twos, should bring you plenty of sales! :-) Thats when they love to get into everything and do some of the cutest things. Good Luck, on whatever you and your hubby decide. :D
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 14:36:01 PM
I heard king Tut had over 100 babies!

I'm sure he could be the emperor by just selling baby photos. I'm just imagining....one baby climbing on studio lighting, another licking the flash, one making a bottle out of your lens, one putting his leg into the DSLR front sensor opening, one posing, one feeding memory card to the dog.

Don't pop out another one. That wouldn't be a model. Would be more of a troublemaking assistant to the first one. ;)
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Posted: 05/07/2013, 18:46:56 PM
You have the ideal subject for stock photography, young lady. Something you are involved and have much interest in, naturally. Always keep that camera handy, and develop your own style, and not just the cute ones, think from a buyers perspective. Baby covered in food, tantrums, visits to the clinic/doctors etc etc. You have a subject for life, that will lead to other things when you see what sells. Happy birthday for the little one, and good luck in the future...
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Posted: 05/08/2013, 08:53:09 AM
Hey, happy birthday to your cute baby!

It doesnt matter if you decide to have another one or not, you are already mastering this subject so you can take picture of yours and others people babies!

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Posted: 05/08/2013, 17:18:04 PM
Just found this thread again...unfortunately, cute baby is now grumpy toddler that wants nothing to do with having her picture taken, but, another new baby is here now...got 24 pictures just waiting to get approval...hooray for more cute baby shots :)
Posted: 05/13/2015, 23:28:05 PM