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"Dreamstime" is a good name for this site

"Dreamstime" is a good name for this site as it is the only place I know where "time" stands still, as in "dreams" and especially in the image "pending" file line where time can also go backwards.

Anyone else feel like that?
Posted: 05/09/2013, 06:25:22 AM
I was wondering why for 4 days my images pending showed 18-24 hrs. In the end, it took near 2 weeks to have those 4 reviewed. That seems a bit excessive to me, but I'm new and still getting the lay of the land, so that could very well be normal. Is it?
Posted: 05/09/2013, 08:07:40 AM
Nope....not too worried at the moment...doesn't seem excessive considering the amount of images being uploaded....109k currently in pending.
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Posted: 05/09/2013, 08:29:26 AM
Yes that does happen sometime, but we all put up with it to be here with Dreamstime.

Just think if Dreamstime ruled the world we would all be for ever young as time would stand still as it does on the pending line sometimes?

My "Dreams" are in pictures some "time"

My "Dreams" are in "time" with the pending line

Posted: 05/09/2013, 08:33:52 AM