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What if....

... somebody ACTUALLY buys your photo here from DT, and then uses it on his Flicr account?

I was bored tonight, so went to Google to use the image search tool, and see where my images where being used.

I found some which were clearly bought (THANK YOU BUYERS!), I even found one of my illustrations used for the CD cover (THANK YOU BUYER!!)...

But I also found a lot of them in blog, where they were obviously lifted, still with DT logo on.
I'll get around to send e-mails and messages asking them to kindly
a) buy the photos
b) get them out of their blogs/sites/whatever.

(P.S. I don't get these people, honestly. Would they like if if somebody was lifting their texts without permissions? Some of them declare themselves as writers, even. Hm, maybe they would. Who knows.).

I have another question - it is a question for support, but before I contact them, maybe somebody here on the forums can help: if my image *wasn't* sold with the extended license, how can it be found on many *wall art* websites where they are clearly re-sold?

And, to return to the original question - the image was sold, but it is now presented as if it belongs to the Flicr member, in his gallery. What now?

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Posted: 1 minute ago
I've found my stock photos posted on Flikr a bunch of times, and even available there for download by people claiming to be the author. You just have to send a DMCA letter to yahoo and they will take them down.

Here's a sample DMCA notice from Stock Artists Alliance (Where they ask for subject, I would post a link to the image for sale here at DT):


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Posted: 05/26/2013, 11:59:10 AM