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Model release, still not 100 percent clear for me

Hello everyone :),

I see many images online with many people on it and sold commercial.

As example i see a shopping mall with more than 30 people from the back and it is sold as commercial image. And like this i found many. Is here really no model release needed? Is it because the people are not with the face towards the camera and and because they are not the main subject?

Thanks allready.

Posted: 05/24/2013, 11:53:16 AM
They are probably old images when DT was not so strict on model releases.
Posted: 05/24/2013, 12:14:45 PM
Exactly. MR rules were remarkably different (more soft) some years ago.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Or maybe people are not recognized in the image. If a person is not recognized there is no need of that.
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Posted: 05/26/2013, 06:28:09 AM
MR rules are really too strict: When people can be identified /recognized by the combination of clothing, hair or body structure even without the face being visible, the model release will be required. So actually, you don't need MR for silhouettes people but MR is require for red sweat from back!!! Isn't it 100% clear?
Posted: 05/26/2013, 11:50:07 AM
I have the same question about this image -


Model release or not?
Posted: 06/06/2013, 03:05:45 AM
No model release is required for the above image.
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Posted: 06/06/2013, 03:47:06 AM
Thank you for the reply, that helps.
Posted: 06/06/2013, 06:07:32 AM
Newbie here too....I am just concerned about the paperwork process for the model(s). Will I get it the first time around? hmmm, Oh great experienced ones, do you have any advice for newbie ones below?
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Posted: 1 minute ago