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I'm so new I have no idea where to begin

I have always liked taking pictures though was never adventurous to experiment until digital, because I don't have to worry about buying and developing film :)
So I want to get started uploading pictures but have no idea what to submit? I likes basically the natural genre, like landscapes, animals, storms, clouds (though don't have enough of them yet) and yes I love flowers even though I know it's covered and then some, I still love it. However I assume the same can be said for all my areas of interest in pictures, I feel like I shouldn't even bother since its "been there and done that" for those areas. I am not looking to quit a day job as far as earnings, but would be ecstatic if something did actually sell ;) I am a stay at home mother with a child in school so would be cool if my hobby got some exposure and maybe even brought in a penny or two.
Can some of you point me in a direction of where I can find what the most popular downloads are or and idea of the top searches as to what people are looking for so I can at least see if I am just way too out of my league to try?

Thanks for the words of advise and thank you for just reading this, I feel lucky to even be able to attempt a hobby such as this.
Posted: 06/03/2013, 09:20:20 AM
Hey and welcome...wow where to begin to tell you.

First things first. Stock is all about the value your image, photo or illustration has for someone else. Getting that image is up to you. Have a look here for some of the more popular images.

Images that portray a story, concept or idea sell well. I am by no means a professional but have found that if you add a person to those landscapes or flowers you have a better chance. As you mentioned those genres that you like have been covered extensively but a new creative twist on them can always be a good seller.

Browse the forums. Have a look at this thread to see some of the other latest sales that contributors have.

From there you need to look at composition and lighting. Good light and composition is key to a successful image.

Submit your photos and then learn from the acceptance and rejection reasons. Don't get discouraged and keep on trying.

Good luck!!!
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Posted: 06/03/2013, 11:34:55 AM
Hi, welcome! The fact that you're even trying means you're off to a great start! Nothing tried, nothing gained right? There are many things you can do as a newbie. First take a look at some of the things you are interested in shooting and what is selling. Do a search and see what pops up. Get inspired! And then get practicing because the more you shoot, the better you get.
Don't give up either. Stock photography is hard and not fot the faint of heart, but it can be a lot of fun. Getting involved with stock makes you a better photographer in so many ways.
Good luck. Anything is possible if you try!
Posted: 06/03/2013, 11:58:43 AM
Hi, and welcome to DT. We have all been there. Conceptual stuff does well, if you can come up with your own unique stuff. But other than that just stick with what you love and shot it in a different way than anyone else. Upload and learn. There will be rejections, we have all had them, and we all still get them, well at least most of us. But you will learn from the rejections. Most of them you can fix and resubmit. Then of course you will get some accepted, "yes, now that makes you feel good!"

Keep up with best selling and popular images, the forum, DT news page, and blogs. Good luck! Hope to see your images soon! :)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thank you both for your posts, Miracle that thread was a great place to start, even with 1 sold it gives me an idea of what, and thats where I wasn't even able to find a place to start at.

Ang I agree, its nice that everyone keeps encouraging to try even after rejections, its that atmosphere that I liked about this site above others that I looked into. I am not a professional but would love a place to just start and see what works and what doesn't, and if I had to be good enough to just attempt a submission then this would be a waste of my energy.
Posted: 1 minute ago
welcome to dt! you'll find lots of great and helpufl info on the boards. look at lots of work and get ideas and inspiration. good luck and keep uploading.
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Posted: 1 minute ago