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Photos on my clients web site.

Thanks for a awesome photo selection. The photos look great on his site & he is very happy. I will continue to use your photography/photos. Keep up the good work on Dreamstime.
Posted: 06/06/2013, 16:24:58 PM
It's so amazing to have a feedback from buyers. Thanks very much for sharing. DT community is very friendly and helpful so enjoy working with us and have many more successful projects. Could you also give a link to that site, please.
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Edited: 06/06/2013, 23:27:56 PM
Thanks for letting us know, it's always good to hear how images have been used!
Posted: 06/07/2013, 02:00:24 AM
hello.which photos or images have a good market according to DT? I think it is hard for me to sell some pictures from my site https://www.dreamstime.com/reganyuan888_more-popular-photos_pg1
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Posted: 03/22/2014, 09:39:18 AM
Reganyuan888, in dreamstime home page in tab latest you can see latest downloads from buyers and also recently approved picture for sale. Also here can see latest keyword searches. In tab popular you can follow the popular keywords and to understand what people search. Also in menu Resource has one game who I find for useful. It name is Stock rank. Also I think that picture with people makes sales. Wish you good luck and many sales
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Posted: 04/13/2014, 15:03:25 PM
Thanks,you are very kind
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Posted: 04/14/2014, 07:29:24 AM
You wellcome :) I`m glad if I am able to help you :) Of course probably it has many more ways to do that :) But in the moment i came up with these :)
Nikon D3200 + Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR
Posted: 04/14/2014, 07:49:42 AM
God bless you,good luck
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Posted: 04/14/2014, 08:52:36 AM