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How can one change the country name?

I'm new of Dreamstime. Even if I,m a Canadian citizen (and gave my permanent residence address and all, in Quebec, Canada) the country that I cannot change on my profile is Romania where I'm now, for a while, taking care of my old father. I understand that the server see me in Romania, of course. But I'm here only for a while and my permanent address is in Sherbrooke, Canada and not Sherbrooke, Romania. It kind of bugs me not to be able to get my address right. I'm not ashamed of my origin, by the way.
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Posted: 06/20/2013, 14:06:11 PM
The only way is to Contact Support (Contact Us link at bottom of each page).
Posted: 06/20/2013, 14:41:16 PM
Contact support is probably your best bet. Good luck on DT!
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Posted: 06/20/2013, 17:12:24 PM
Thank you Red and Treb99! I'll try that.
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Posted: 06/20/2013, 19:45:20 PM
Dan, for tax related reasons, the country field can be edited from our end only. As US-based agency, we are required by the law to deduct taxes for all purchases made by US buyers. Many countries have special treaties with the US regarding the percentage to be deducted but other do not and this is why members cannot change the country themselves. As fellow members suggested above, you need to contact support and ask to have the country field changed. You may be asked to provide a proof of your current residency.
Posted: 06/21/2013, 02:27:09 AM
I did that and sent a scan of my canadian Passport. Thank you very much for your help! Best wishes to all of you!
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Posted: 06/21/2013, 08:18:09 AM