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How to make a good picture with photomerge. pt 2

New article posted: how to make a good picture with photomerge. pt 2
Posted: 06/21/2013, 05:52:48 AM
The result is excellent and I like it.

But I see no meaning to set ISO to 200 having such a huge amount of light. I always try to keep sensitivity to ISO100 (as long as it's possible) to avoid noises.

But your image is really great.
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Posted: 06/21/2013, 06:17:39 AM
Hello, your idea to reconstruct this scene with Photomerge is not bad, but some corrections are needed here: correct the light (in some areas the photo is darker and in other areas lighter). Before you use Photomerge you have to assure yourself that you have the same light conditions in the photos you want to merge. Once merged you have to correct the prospective. Photoshop has different tools to do this, the easier is Distort tool.
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Posted: 06/21/2013, 07:36:29 AM
the final result is very good, congratulations.
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Posted: 06/24/2013, 12:56:43 PM
Congrats, nice image.
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Posted: 1 minute ago