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Tidying up collections

Hi folks,. I'm in the process of editing my 12 collections to keep them vibrant and up to date. Please don't be offended if I remove one of your images it's not a criticism of your work. Feel free to offer a replacement.

I'm also going to start 2 new collections : Endangered mammals and endangered birds.
If you would like to have your images included feel free to post them here. PLEASE ADD AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE, ie, threatened, endangered, critically endangered, and their habitat, in the description.

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Thank you!
Nikon D7100
Posted: 06/30/2013, 07:16:35 AM
If you want to add from me some mammals.....:
   lion cub with cat    
   Lion cub with cat   
lions are endangered...:)..kitties do not...:)
Posted: 06/30/2013, 07:22:22 AM
Len, I didn't know house cats were an endangered species...?

Heathse, here's a Whooping Crane for ya:

 Whooping Crane Endangered Species Waterfowl Bird 
Nikon D800, D100, Canon G15
Posted: 06/30/2013, 07:30:54 AM
We must make the world smile,Wisconsinart...:))...because in the world is too much frown....
Edited: 06/30/2013, 11:17:13 AM
Ok,guys...:)let's see..some endangered mammals...:
Giant panda    Giant panda eating bamboo   
or   Sable antelope Sable antelope   
or  Sumatran tiger  Sumatran tiger   
or  Red fox  Red Fox Looking   
Edited: 06/30/2013, 08:49:51 AM
Let's see some endangered birds:
Red breasted goose (BRANTA RUFICOLLIS)   A Red-Breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis)   
or Pelecanus crispus  Dalmatian Pelicans (Pelecanus crispus)   
or Gypaetus barbatus    Bartgeier (Gypaetus barbatus)   
or Oxyura leucocephala(white-headed duck)   White-headed duck   
Edited: 06/30/2013, 09:08:16 AM
I have this picture for your collection of endangered birds:
   Black Stork / Ciconia nigra   
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Chinese alligator(critically endangered)
   Closeup picutre of a Chinese alligator   

Giant Panda(Endangered)
   Giant Panda Eating   
   Giant Panda Eating   
   Giant Panda Eating   
   Giant Panda   
Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks so far, but please make sure the description gives some details of level of endangerment. Thank you.
Nikon D7100
Posted: 07/01/2013, 11:39:30 AM