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Before and after Auto body repair photos

My client owns an auto body shop. He wants to depict a before and after set of images for a large format window decal. He does not want to wait to get an actual job that fits our use and photograph it before and after, as it could really delay the project waiting for the perfect vehicle. So I am looking for stock images depicting a car that has been in a wreck - hopefully front end damage - before repair AND after repair. He really wants a white or silver vehicle. Ideally a nice, newer model.
I have found usable "before" images but no matching "after" images.
I hope to find shots of the vehicles shot at the same vantage point - straight on or at a 3/4 angle - pointing at opposite angles so I can position the two shots mirrored - like bookends. Because of the large format I will need a high resolution image. Please contact me if you have any images that may fit this.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Hello, These might work for you. This is the same car, 2000 to 2007 model Ford Taurus.

   2007 Ford Taurus Four Door Sedan Flex Fuel   

   2000 Ford Taurus Wreck   
Rebel Xsi 18.0 mp, CanoScan LIDE 600F...
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