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New member from Srilanka

I am 25 years old boy from Srilanka(In Asia).I am new to dreamstime.com and this is the first time I am making a thread here.

Name - Gayan Bandara
Location - Kandy
Religion - Buddhism
Favorites - Designing,Illustration & photography

Please give me more information about Dreamstime.com and how can I work with this.I started uploading my files to dreamstime yesterday.I got my first refused file today.Sad about that.But I will keep working with the web site.because I think this is a nice place to earn and work in my whole life.
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Posted: 07/22/2013, 06:24:29 AM
Hello Gayan, welcome to DT. The forums have a wealth of information, you can learn from them. Good luck here!
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Posted: 07/22/2013, 06:41:33 AM
Thanks Treb999
I am surfing here.I am reading some information & blog posts! I am new to here..Hope this is a nice place.I don't concern more about money..I wanna be a good illustrator & a qulity popular designer
you gave me the first reply in Dreamstime. you will remember forever friend :D Happy
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Edited: 07/22/2013, 06:50:57 AM
Hi Gayan, don't let refusals get you down, everyone gets them, just keep uploading and learning from your refusals. Wishing you many sales. susan
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Posted: 07/22/2013, 07:30:19 AM
Hi Gayan, We are all learning here.. .Dont be discouraged if you get rejections even the top guns on here do. just learn by them and keep uploading.. Be very selective with what you choose.. and have fun.. Dont forget to read the threads here most of the questions you would want to ask you should find. if you cant just write to support. Welcome to DT.
Posted: 07/22/2013, 07:32:25 AM
Thanks Friends both Susan and Murdock2013 :D

I am happy when I get a reply..Thanks for the advice you give me..they are very precious for me.I wish to start landscape photography in future. Because my country contains nice places to visit.It will make much fun.

I am a student and Have no much money for start professionally.But I will try to buy the things that I need as soon as possible..Until I get them I will keep learning about photos and the important things I must know about photographs.I am searching about the cameras that I can get with my budget.

I will keep uploading the designs,Illustrations,photos while I will get success

PS - I am not good in speaking English. Sorry about that Friends
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Posted: 07/22/2013, 09:02:57 AM
welcome and good luck....you need to keep uploading and keep trying to improve. Then you will succeed.
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Posted: 07/22/2013, 14:27:53 PM
Welcome to DT! Just use those refusals to learn from. Keep uploading and learning. Good luck on getting your first approved!
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Posted: 07/23/2013, 22:38:45 PM
Welcome Gayan, DT contributors are very friendly and encourage others. Good luck with your journey and most of all enjoy, learn and grow! Welcome
Posted: 07/23/2013, 23:29:16 PM
Thank you !!! Miraclemoments, Suyerry, Nylakatara2013

I will work hard with the Dreamstime..But i have a few questions on setting the price of my photos.I am thinking about it now a days.

Other thing is I got my First photo Approved.I am happy.
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Posted: 07/24/2013, 08:59:14 AM
welcome to dt! congratulations on your first approval. best of luck and keep uploading.
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 14:48:36 PM
Wow Friends I got my first download now... :) I am really happy...
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Posted: 07/26/2013, 22:07:58 PM
Gayan, welcome to DT and Congratulations on your first sale!! Keep uploading many artworks/pictures and wish you good luck with lots of sales. :)
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 10:45:23 AM
thanks Pinidiyath.... I will keep uploading more Pictures and art works...I love illustrations more
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 23:30:05 PM
Welcome on DT,Gayan!Congrats for first sale and keep uploading!Good luck with sales!
Posted: 07/28/2013, 11:18:48 AM
Hi and welcome to DT hope you have many sales here, its a great place to be, many friendly people here.
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Posted: 07/28/2013, 11:23:56 AM
Thank you every one..I am doing with the DT.I will be one of a good worker here.That is my wish..! thanks for your words friends
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Posted: 07/28/2013, 11:36:47 AM