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Where your images have been used, sharing and tips

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I found my another photo, used in an article in one of the largest Canadian national newspapers, Toronto Star:

I got a whopping 42 cents for the sale!

By the way, are we allowed to publicly comment that "this photo was made by me"? For example, when Financial Times used my photo on their Facebook page, which has a space for comments - I was itching to leave a comment "this is me in the photo!". Probably, that wouldn't be very professional.
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Ham Radio tower
Disney Theme park ride tips This site uses one of my photos several times (Splash Mountain)
Apartments for rent This site uses 3 of my photos in a slideshow.
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Originally posted by Silvastrings:
Quoted Message: Great pic Heywoody!! Looks really realistic! was that done in Vue? I`ve tried Vue, very powerful, but too expensive for me. I use Bryce sometimes now, it`s ok but not as powerful and good as Vue.

Mine is about 5 versions out of date at this stage :) The way I look at it is that the price was a lot less that a decent DSLR
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Posted: 07/29/2013, 05:36:09 AM
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