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Troubleshoot CoolPix P510

I wrote to Nikon support, but I thought I would try this forum too. I have a refurbished by Nikon P510 purchased almost 4 months ago from a reputable dealer. I'm not sure if we are allowed to say the name here, but it is a retailer well known and respected in the industry. The warranty is three months.

I was out shooting the other day and auto focus stopped working, then zoom quit. Now the only things that work are the AF assist light, the on/off button, the flash pop-up and the mode change dial, and the play-back/take picture switch. It will also take pictures, I just can't control anything but where I point the camera.

I have not gotten the camera wet or done anything abusive to me. It just seems to have gone bonkers.

Has anybody else had this problem? Know how to solve it? I have tried removing the battery and leaving it out for a few hours and cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol.

I appreciate any insight I can get. I would hate to need an expensive repair or to ditch the camera after less than 4 (but more than 3!) months.
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Posted: 07/23/2013, 19:45:59 PM
I am going to share what I found out and close this thread. Nikon support said remove battery and memory card for 20 minutes then just put the battery back in. When that didn't work they said the next step was to send the 3.5 month old (refurbished) camera in for repair. Geeeee.....thanks.

I had read something about initializing the camera by letting the internal memory drain all the way down. I left the battery and memory card out for about a day and a half. That seems to have fixed the problem and everything is working fine, at least for now.
Cameras, lenses, phone, eyes, feet and a car.
Edited: 07/25/2013, 18:31:12 PM