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Wildlife Portfolio - Constructive Criticism

Hi there

I am a new contributor and most of my shots are wildlife based and I just wanted to get some constructive criticism on some of my work.

Thanks in advance for those of you who go and take a look :)

Posted: 07/25/2013, 03:10:19 AM
Hey there - you've made a great start, excellent elephant pic too, there's not much to criticise really, other than maybe close-up full body shots of the same animal where you've just got portraits at the mo.

Keep on uploading & you should start to see some sales, but you may want to diversify a little as the wider the subject range of images in your port the better your sales should be.

Assuming you've been / go on safari there's lots of opportunity for non-animal shots (camp, equipment, guides, vehicles, etc).

Don't forget about keywords, you might want to expand slightly in some cases - altho there are two schools of thought on this point! There's some good discussions on the message boards & various blogs about DT keywording....

Good luck!
Posted: 07/25/2013, 08:17:06 AM
Hi Bradleyvdw,

I agree with Melonstone, very nice images but you will need to widen your subject in order to get sales. As for the titles and keywords, perhaps you could be more precise, indicating location of the shot, scientific name of the animal portraited, etc.
Hope this help. Good luck !

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Edited: 07/25/2013, 08:49:39 AM
Thanks Melonstone and Danielc1998 for your comments. That's a great help. In terms of the keywords, what is the number of keywords you would recommend per photo? I know it probably depends on the type of shot but just a general ballpark figure maybe?

Thanks so much for your encouragement :)
Posted: 07/25/2013, 09:09:57 AM
DT allows to enter up to 80 keywords. I try to use them all as long as the words have some relation with the subject, I think that would increases the chances of having my images included in a search.
I know other people advise to use just a few specific keywords instead. I dont know what is best.
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 09:38:59 AM
Posted: 07/25/2013, 09:46:49 AM
I like your pics as well!!!
Would be good to include the latin names of the Animals in the title, description and keywords.
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 12:19:42 PM
Nice start ... the elephant and rhino photos I think will be quite successful, they have impact. I am going to disagree with a couple other posters that you have to widen your subject area. If you take a look at Outdoorsman's portfolio it is mostly wildlife and he is quite successful. I think it takes more work because you have make your portfolio one that people go to when they want a wildlife photo, but it can be done.

Outdoorsman's Portfolio
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 17:58:08 PM
I see two things:

1. The animal images are very common. If you have a good lens you can go to the zoo and get the same kind of photographs. The database is saturated with trips to the zoo and many of them well done. The images would be more unique if you pulled back to get more of the landscape and natural environment.

2. The top selling wildlife images usually catch the animals engaged in some sort of unique event. An example would be two wild stallions fighting with each other. The hard truth is, though, it's difficult to get those kinds of shots. And why the database is full of animals standing still doing nothing. If you're an active wildlife photographer, you will need to be patient and vigilant to capture images no one else has.

The photography itself is very good.
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 20:28:15 PM
@Red, thanks for that. Some great tips in that video.

Thanks @Dienti, I'll be sure to look into that for my next upload.

Thank you for your comment @Vcarmstrong. I have a whole lot more wildlife photos that I am still planning to upload so hopefully I can create a successful portfolio out of it.

Thansk for your comment @Wisconsinart. I would have loved to capture more action shots as it's an exciting thing to photograph but obviously very difficult. Thank you for your kind words and advice :)
Posted: 07/29/2013, 07:16:43 AM
Ok. As of yet, the only reason I haven't downloaded your images (I've looked at your whole portfolio after being drawn in by your LionKingSunset!)... comes down to lighting. For me, anyway... lighting and contrast.

Please note: My "OPINION" (only opinion, shouldn't make or break your day) regarding the LIGHTING does NOT apply to the following photographs:

1. LionKingSunset, Red Dusk or Golden Sunrise (though for some reason Golden Sunrise didn't 'stand out' as much as I would have expected - not sure if you are a purist or not, but maybe a touch of PhotoShop on that one would illuminate it). If the word "PhotoShop" just made you cringe, then I refer to just waiting for the right lighting moment or creating one with false lighting and I back away slowly with my hands up.

2. Adorable Turtle Coming Out of the Water photo - name escapes me - made me smile and lightbox it as it is.

3. The Elephant with the beautiful wrinkles - lightboxed!

4. The Lilac-Breasted Bird
Posted: 07/31/2013, 17:42:59 PM
@Theclearmind, Thank you for your kind words and opinion.

I am definitely not a purist in that sense, I do believe that some editing can really bring an image to life. I will definitely give the "Golden Sunrise" shot another go and see how it turns out.

I appreciate you honest opinion and all the feedback I can get so that I can better my photography and my portfolio :)
Posted: 08/01/2013, 06:53:07 AM