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Portfolio Review Please :)

It has been a while since I have asked for some criticism, but I am ready! :) I appreciate your comments and advice!
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 17:50:28 PM
Lots of great pictures but you're too busy having fun shooting pretty girls and forgetting your audience.

For example, this image:

 Juicy Watermelon 

It's titled JUICY WATERMELON but does it COMMUNICATE "Juicy Watermelon?"

You have keywords like HEALTH and DIET.

When I look at that image, I think it COMMUNICATES things like SEX, HORNY, and NAUGHTY.

If you want to create a concept of EATING HEALTHY FRUIT, how would you set up the scene? There is nothing wrong with the image but you're selling it wrong. Apply the PROPER keywords to the image so the PROPER audience will find the image. How many web sites and publications do you think will actually use that image to visually COMMUNICATE "Eating Healthy?"

Another point to make: All your images are well executed but to me many of them are cliche. The girl holding an apple for concepts like STUDENT and BACK TO SCHOOL, I don't have a strong vibe for COMMUNICATING "education." It's a GIRL HOLDING APPLE. You have a willing model with a good look, but how do you COMMUNICATE "education?" I think you would have done better with images of the girl doing homework. How about trying a concept for taking online classes? Sit down with paper and pencil and brainstorm.

Trust me, I know what it's like to photograph pretty girls and having the temptation for them to be sexy and naughty. And by all means, indulge in doing that! But after you do the drippy fruit into the mouth, do a more mainstream shot of the woman eating a healthy meal or weighing herself on a scale. And then apply the proper keywords so the proper audience will find the image.

I mean... look ... is this BACK TO SCHOOL or HORNY SCHOOLGIRL? Y' know?

 Teen Girl Wink Back to School 
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Posted: 07/25/2013, 20:15:26 PM
Lol, thank you for the advice Wisconsinart and well taken. :)
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Edited: 07/25/2013, 21:28:28 PM
Wow, Wisconsinart, I really like your feedback! Do you think you can do the same for me please?

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Posted: 07/26/2013, 01:32:34 AM
I agree with Wisconsinart, maybe do some re-key wording. I see the young girl as "Flirty School Girl". Now maybe if she had a backpack on and wasn't winking, I would see "Back to School." You have great images! Good luck!
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Posted: 07/26/2013, 21:45:41 PM