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why the images don't appear under their cameras, it is along time that the recently uploaded photos don't appear under the camera which taken the photos?
Canon EOS 7d 18-135mm
Posted: 07/27/2013, 13:22:39 PM
Do you mean on the upload screen? Sometimes it can take 15 minutes to appear.
Posted: 07/27/2013, 20:34:21 PM
Posted: 07/27/2013, 21:06:13 PM
no i mean the last uploaded images weren't listed and appeared under the camera which taken with? for example when i upload a photo taken with canon, it must be shown under cameras-canon. but it's for a long time that the photo aren't appeared under their type of camera
Canon EOS 7d 18-135mm
Posted: 07/28/2013, 06:17:01 AM