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Is there a way to send a message to an artist?

I'm an artist of a different kind, but I purchase (always - I think it should be an ethical rule among artists of all kinds)... but I digress! I would like to, on occasion, through Dreamstime and ******** develop idea conversations to hire artists for certain projects... or, at the least... to tell them why I loved the piece I chose, etc. I'll laugh at myself if I get a bunch of replies telling me how simple it is to do this, and how I've just missed the "contact" link. Just wanted to mention to all of the artists on here (well, "all" would be an over-statement) - but SO (so many) of the art I've seen in my searches (I'm a sucker for hand-drawn art and interesting visual photography) has sparked a creative line of thought that has to nest until my current projects take flight. Too bad you can't charge for inspiration, because as artists - so (so so so many) of you you really do that so very well. :) Take care!
(And yes, thank you, I'm aware of the irony of "Theclearmind" needing some fairly clear and obvious guidance - keep aware that the moniker and my daily brain are only loosely in relation... and even then...)
Posted: 1 minute ago
Yes, click on any of their photos, then click on tools, then just post a note in the comment field.

I just want to say that I love, that you are able to get so inspired by the photographers and illustrators of Dreamstime. Thank you so much for posting! Good luck with your future projects! :)
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