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Just to say hello


Although I've been a contributor for some time now, I've only started to upload seriously about three months ago.
I got a few sales, but not many, do you have any suggestions? Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Posted: 08/01/2013, 05:23:51 AM
Hi David, welcome to DT!

I am on a hurry, but later on I will check on your portfolio.

Best luck with your first sales (I´ve seen you have already 5, its a fresh start!)
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Posted: 08/01/2013, 06:50:52 AM
Thanks Alexandre
Posted: 08/01/2013, 10:00:41 AM
I like your portfolio, Davidfr99.
Nice to meet you and good luck for sells.
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Posted: 08/02/2013, 10:16:28 AM
Thanks for have a look at my portfolio Yadamons.
Your images are really good!
Posted: 08/05/2013, 12:30:34 PM
Nice start to your portfolio, good pictures! Best of luck here on DT
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Posted: 08/05/2013, 14:00:10 PM
Welcome to DT=)
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Posted: 08/05/2013, 18:07:48 PM
Welcome on DT!Beautiful images!Good luck in sales!
Posted: 08/06/2013, 11:40:37 AM
Thanks all of you for looking at my photos!
Posted: 08/06/2013, 14:28:25 PM