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Hello from Malaysia!

Hi everyone! I'm kind of an newbie oldbie, actually joined back in 2004 but starting to take contributing seriously now. Looking at how well you guys have done has inspired me to try and do something. Perhaps in a year I'll make enough to buy a new lens cap.

I jest. :P

Posted: 08/09/2013, 12:50:58 PM
Welcome Christopher! I wish you much success with your new start here!!!
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Posted: 08/10/2013, 14:34:52 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome, Dieniti!!
Posted: 08/12/2013, 14:23:56 PM
I like that, a new lens cap. Seriously, good luck here!
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Posted: 08/12/2013, 16:36:52 PM
Welcome to DT!
Posted: 08/30/2013, 06:11:09 AM
Welcome Christopher, keep your inspired and upload photo.
The new lens cap or new camera body model coming soon nearly.
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Posted: 09/05/2013, 19:37:01 PM