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My additional format files r in pending status

Hello again,

How long does it take for additional files will be reviewed?
I ve been waiting for more than 3 weeks now.

Thank you
Posted: 08/10/2013, 02:47:10 AM
I've been wondering the same thing? Are your additional formats showing as pending? I'm asking because I uploaded several but they aren't showing anywhere in my account.
Posted: 08/10/2013, 08:57:02 AM
Usually it takes about 2 weeks but some of editors are on vacation in this time of the year and maybe it will take a bit more, but no worries, they will be reviewed as soon as possible :-)
Posted: 08/10/2013, 10:28:11 AM
@Paintpixel: my additional format uploaded status is "YES, Encapsulated PostScript, pending review (disable)"

@Francy874: Thank you :)
Posted: 08/10/2013, 11:33:45 AM
You are welcome :-)
Posted: 08/10/2013, 12:23:18 PM
Where in my account would I find the additional format pending status. I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Posted: 08/10/2013, 13:08:12 PM
Never mind I found it. Thanks
Posted: 08/10/2013, 13:10:21 PM
My question is why cant eps additional formats be reviewed at the same time as the main image is reviewed.....?

why are Illustrations treated the same way as photos ?

I just did a check on the first page of my port and going back until the first week of October I still have additional files pending
I also counted the number of views on those files which comes to 266 views So thats 266 potential sales I have lost because of the time it takes to get EPS files uploaded

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Posted: 11/03/2013, 19:14:35 PM
The eps files are harder to review, as they need to match an existing jpeg file in terms of elements and shape. Please be patient, your files will be reviewed.
If you have a request for additional format from a buyer you can write support and ask for a priority review for your file.
Posted: 11/04/2013, 02:19:12 AM
Then why doesn't DT incorporate the same system as other stock sites where you upload the JPG and the additional format in a zip file at the same time ? Surely that would save the reviewers a lot of time instead of having to go back to a JPG twice....Once for the original review and then having to check the same JPG a second time against the additional format file ?

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Posted: 11/04/2013, 04:02:24 AM
Each agency uses resources the way it wants. Probably when the additional format upload will increase we will think of a better way to upload/review such files.
Posted: 11/04/2013, 04:06:00 AM
It has been taking me at least a month, just have to be patient I suppose.
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Posted: 11/25/2013, 17:14:22 PM
Wow, that's a lot of waiting time. I wish there was an ETR to give you an idea of how much longer you need to wait.
Posted: 04/02/2014, 08:36:14 AM