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Some Insight Please?

To Anybody with an interest,

So I decided to double the amount of images in my portfolio this year. I started with 1225 images, and now have 2478 images, mission accomplished. If you look at the portfolio, it also recently has many more people, as opposed to mostly underwater nature which was previously. By no stretch of the imagination did I expect sales to double. But I did expect some meaningful measurable increase in sales. However that is not the case. I realize that many of the people images are not as "stocky" as they could be, pretty women, as opposed to pretty women doing something. But still would expect some increase in sales?
My underwater images sell better than the people images, but the underwater get accepted at rate of about 69% and people images 89%? Any in sight would be appreciated.
Posted: 1 minute ago
You answered your own question, "I realize that many of the people images are not as "stocky" as they could be, pretty women, as opposed to pretty women doing something."

There are 1,344,273 images of beautiful women. The advice to simply upload more is useless unless you upload more and better - new concepts, new angles of old or commonly used objects or situations, more in a niche that has few others to compete with. More is not better, just more.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Guess it makes sense, looking at featured photographer, more than 23500 images, and a little more than 4300 sales.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Red nailed it perfectly. I just wanted to add a few things...

Dang!!! Where do you find such incredibly beautiful women to photograph?!

If you put those beauties in a home setting doing things like using a digital tablet, using a computer, sick in the bathroom (and, no, I'm not kidding. I did a shot of myself sick bent over the toilet and it sold) you'll see your sales pick up dramatically. I call it "the human experience." What is the human experience? It's people, living, doing, caught in the middle of a "situation" or "action."

BTW, you are a very talented photographer. Your lighting, contrast, color, etc. are all perfect :-)
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Posted: 1 minute ago

Thank you. Regardless of the sales, working with the models has been a good experience in terms of learning,new techniques etc. The models are mostly from www.modelmayhem.com. I should follow the models around all day and shoot, as opposed to setting up "shoots", but the beach is so nice at sunrise :-). Of course I have the idea of doing more underwater stuff with the models, but even in the controlled environment of the pool its very difficult.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Another thing... you didn't increase your portfolio by 100%, you increased it by 15%.

Same image after image after image... Common images to begin with and then you're competing against yourself because of redundancy.

I will repeat the others and say you need to put your STOCK hat on when shooting STOCK. When is the last time you went to MSN.com and saw a beach babe waggling her boobies?

 On a beach in south Florida 

Great photography but that ain't gonna be used in a "Got Milk?" ad.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
There are many people who drink milk:))but less here on stock.....what do you say? I think your pictures with underwater nature they still sell better than beach babe.Cheers!:)
Edited: 1 minute ago
I too have doubled the number of images and working on putting up 500 by end of summer. yet most of my sales i got when I had 200 images online.
It is a numbers game yes, but stock peaked 2 years ago and its never coming back. Those who were established with a couple thousand images online 1 or 2 years ago did well and found their unique gap.
its harder now with 8 million images and lots of duplication. I never try to load more than 2 shots of the same thing , because you are diluting your own chances by adding more of the same.
You have to have something you are known for, as you said, there are millons of images of pretty girls youre competing with.
I dont do people, I do themes. But sales have slowed a lot, to a trickle.
Posted: 1 minute ago
I also noticed that the stuff I uploaded this year practically doesn't sell. My sales are still pretty decent (last two months were both double my monthly average over the last two years, despite summer), but purely because of old photo sales.

Perhaps it is all part of a trend? My speculation is DT decided to expand dramatically this year, with these new gigantic weekly upload limits, so all our recent uploads are totally lost in the sea of new uploads.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Bikini/Glamour shots are a dime a dozen in the industry, not just here. Get them doing something like cleaning, cooking, playing with kids. that is where the sales will be
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Posted: 1 minute ago
You have discovered the secret of selling stock. It is widely believed to be a numbers game, but since there are already many millions of images online, it has become more about saleability of content rather than just quantity. Since you have access to models, why not have them "doing something" instead of just posing?
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Posted: 08/28/2013, 12:34:15 PM