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Urgent request please x

Hi I am desperate for an image of a glamorous woman walking a dachshund dog. The image needed needs to be a silhouette and I need the dog to be wearing a crystal collar and the woman to be wearing high heels. I would like the womans shoes to be pink with crstal heels. Is there anywhere I can get this image?
Many thanks xx
Posted: 08/25/2013, 04:25:27 AM
Something like this?I'm sorry that I have not in my port,but it may someone help you here...
   Relaxing with owner   
Edited: 1 minute ago
Durtydoggz: "glamorous woman WALKING a dachshund dog"
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Yeah....is not glamorous woman.....:)....is sleepy woman without crystals:)By the way there may be a deadline for achieving these picture and someone here will be able to help you! Best regards!
Edited: 08/26/2013, 09:44:59 AM
Hi Durtydoggz, can you please post a deadline for this project?
Posted: 08/26/2013, 02:20:12 AM
wahou, this is a weird but very well detailed request.
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Posted: 08/26/2013, 04:01:35 AM
Seems an unique composition to look out for.
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Posted: 08/26/2013, 07:15:03 AM

Thanks for your replies :-)

I would like the image fairly soon as I have a new business and I had originally got 2 Dacshunds as part of my logo.

Another side of my business has had a lot of interest so I would like to have it incorporated in my logo
Sadly I am a dreadful artist so I am unable to have what, in my head, is a fairly simple all black image /or could be a dark pink on a pink background graphic.

I make custom petwear and crystal dog accessories and am aiming at at a very exclusive market. Hence The request for a crystal/silver/ stand out collar. My other side of the business is custom designed shoes for the owners where I basically attach cystals to the heels of stilettos and I have my own range of baby pink.

Hope that explains why I have such a specific type of request as I am ready to lanch my tab out of sheer frustration with trying to do it myself. I am looking for a vector type of image rather than a photo.

Thank you so much

Not sure if it is allowed ( Please edit it out if it isn't ) but if you want to see my work to get an idea of what I want/do then look up @durty_doggz on twitter or durtydoggz on facebook
Posted: 1 minute ago
sounds like this would be a better fit to hire a local photographer and use the items you create in the image. its always better to sell your own work if you do crystal accessories!
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Posted: 09/13/2013, 06:43:47 AM
For this kind of job you dont go to microstock, but hire a photographer and pay him 1000 dollars to du the specified shot.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
"I am looking for a vector type of image rather than a photo."
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Posted: 09/26/2013, 06:56:58 AM
Hi I am looking for a totally black drawing image rather than a photo just with the collar of the dog and the heels of the woman to look like diamonds sorry if I haven't been clear.
Posted: 09/26/2013, 07:28:15 AM