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Flock of sheep

Just looking at sheep and was suprised to find that dreamstime refer to a lot of sheep has a herd. I always was told that a lot of sheep was a flock so if keywording is so important why call them a herd of sheep?
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Posted: 09/13/2013, 14:20:25 PM
Wikipedia has sheep as being called a flock, a herd or a mob. Might want to use all 3 to account for regional differances.
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Posted: 09/14/2013, 13:20:18 PM
Also keep in mind that often times people are not native english speaking and translations could occasionally translate to either herd or flock. Grammatically it is not correct...for could mean a sale or not.
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Posted: 09/14/2013, 14:17:38 PM
As a 'not native english speaking' i would say: just use both. And don't forget about the UK and US English ...
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Posted: 05/12/2014, 08:29:07 AM