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A newcomers crazy ride

Hey everyone,

A month into trying seriously for stock and my results have been all over the place, it seems that no two agencies agree on which of my pics to call good. I've submitted over 35 pics here and after the endless hours of nail bitingly waiting for the review I've gotten 5 selected :)

Dreamstime Portfolio

But my results have varied widely across agencies (wide like an elephant is wide) I've been uploading to my Flickr portfolio for a couple of years and have been lucky enough to get some images selected by the affiliated stock agency there too:)

They rejected most of the images that dreamstime saw fit to list and vice versa, Some other agencies on the other hand have been selecting everything I've been throwing at them. While some, considered the holy grail of stock sales, will not even approve the 7 I need to be a part of the club.

Really need some advise from all of you on what I'm doing right/wrong and what should be my way forward, on Dreamstime and overall as a photographer
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Edited: 09/19/2013, 01:38:36 AM
Welcome to DT Amlan!
Sometimes the different agencies are specialised for certain subjects. Another reason might be that the agencies are selecting pics due to what the costumers are searching for. That is quite different from agency to agency.
Anyway, you have some very nice pics in your Flickr Portfolio. Some of them will for sure also sell here. So just keep on uploading.
If you have a pic you are not sure if you should upload, just search through DT and see how similar pictures are selling and how many are already available.
Wish you much success!
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Posted: 09/19/2013, 01:55:52 AM
Always keep in mind that photography is subjective and reviewers are humans. So, uploading questionable images may result in questionable reviews (at least from your point of view).

Best way to deal with stock is to upload unquestionable images, and you will clearly increase your chances to have them approved.

If a picture makes you say WOW, it will probably be accepted (considering all the legal aspects are covered).
Posted: 09/19/2013, 02:21:47 AM
Thanks Dieniti and Dudau, that encouragement is much appreciated. It's been a real fun month though, have read up about quite a lot of things that I almost never focused on. Things like selecting the proper keywords, inserting the keywords in lightroom and even things like the awesome keywording tool on Yuri's site.

It's made quite a lot of difference to my clicks also. Have begun to pay more attention to the more technical bits like using a tripod so I can push my ISO down and use a smaller aperture to get really clear clicks.

Looking forward to more great advise, new stuff to learn and probably some money :P
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Posted: 09/19/2013, 04:37:27 AM
Was asking around and got some advise that I'd like the opinion of people here

1. people told me that I should have some amount of white space in my image for copy text and all

2. Living in India gives me a good niche to get into, suggestions on what I should start off with

3. How do I take care of lighting, can I make do with natural light only
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 02:41:53 AM
White space isn't always possible to include. It is okay as long as you can balance amount of white space and main subject matter. White space is a strong factor that can make or break an image's composition.

I'm in India too, but sorry about the niche thing. You go to the Taj Mahal or the India's biggest festivals or big band performances, you'd find a bunch of people laden with Canon 1D s and Nikon D4 s with ridiculously sized lenses.
So keep a low profile, don't go where all photographers go. Go where photographers "should go, but just don't". There are a lot of such places in India. Photograph local life and culture instead of the same Taj Mahal that everyone has been seeing for a hundred years.

Natural lighting is good enough, as long as it is not spoiling your images. e.g. a wheat field is lovely in strong sunshine, but photographing a model in that type of condition is very unfavorable.
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 04:46:53 AM
that makes a lot of sense. Was just searching for pictures of some of the famous monuments that I live near and it seems that the whole world and their dog has clicked pics of it :)

I've been roaming around the past few days and trying to click some authentically Indian pics. Stuff that would give people a feel of how we live and breath rather than images of stuff made by some long dead guy

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Posted: 09/25/2013, 12:36:29 PM
That's it! The faster you accept your mistakes, faster you grow.
But remember, Don't try food photography from under the table just to have a "different angle". You get the message in that? ;)
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 01:52:23 AM