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New and have a (silly?) question

I am new to all of this (Extremely new to photography as an art) and I do not know what this lightbox stuff is. I looked around in some blogs and message boards (there are A LOT of them thankfully) But I have failed to find one that explained what this was all about. I'm getting that its probably something I should ask as it seems important. Would someone mind explaining to a clueless gal what lightbox stuff is....? Please and Thank you in advance.
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Posted: 09/20/2013, 15:33:41 PM
I do know what a lightbox is and how to use ect.... but what is the create lightbox turn lightbox into collections stuff on this site...
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Posted: 09/20/2013, 15:49:15 PM
43 views and one person can't tell me why I would want to set up lightbox and/or create lightbox collection?? I knew it was probably a dumb question but I didn't think it was get NO reply level of dumb.....
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 02:45:40 AM
Hello Mariespedoske and welcome to DT!
You as a contributor don't Need necessarily the lightbox Option. This is actually for buyers who can collect in there pictures they are interested in and can share them also with different clients. That's how I understand it...
For you the collection option would be more interesting I guess. Here you can collect pics to a specific theme - including your own pictures and some of other contributors. Buyer who search for that theme will most probably also find your collection to that topic and the chance is great that they will buy one of them.

I wish you much success here!
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 03:47:01 AM
Thank you
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 03:56:27 AM
Posted: 09/21/2013, 08:01:43 AM
Hi Mariespedoske

Once you've put a selection of images in your lightbox you can click on the "create collection" button to turn the images in the lightbox into a "collection".

Only if the collection contains images from 5 or more authors then it will be included and searchable under the "Collections" tab on the "Resources" page.

Hope that helps!
Posted: 09/21/2013, 09:43:23 AM
You will get better answers if you put the actual subject of your question in the forum thread heading. Those 43 initial views were from curious people who might not have been able to answer after they read your actual question. There are many helpful people here who just need to know at a glance what your question is.
Posted: 09/21/2013, 13:33:23 PM
Oh.... good point Red I will remember that thank you. Thank all of you for your help
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Posted: 09/21/2013, 19:29:56 PM
hi, thanks , now I learned also something with your question
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 14:11:25 PM