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Image name and description capitals

Hello to the community. I am a new contributor and have uploaded just 24 photos and i am waiting for review. I just noticed that one of the requirements is that we don't enter image names in capitals. Being from the old school it has been engrained in my head to use proper English so i used capitals in the image name. For example one photo is MudDauberWaspDSCF1234. Will my submissions be rejected because i used capital letters in the description?
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Edited: 09/21/2013, 09:42:20 AM
Most probably yes...
Posted: 09/22/2013, 01:17:41 AM
Hi Elizabeth and welcome to Dreamstime,

The correct use of capital letters is best practice and fine i.e the start of a sentence or names. We do not require whole words in capitals i.e the whole title. However you will get rejections for including your image file names, this is irrelevant information .eg DSCF1234. This information should not appear in either your title, description or keywords. I have included a useful link below for you.

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Posted: 09/22/2013, 04:45:51 AM
Thanks BCritchley for your response and link. I had checked out the facts page and was able to find just one guideline about naming files which simply said to not use capital letters in the image name or description, so thought I would approach the community for further clarification. The dscf# is the file number allocated to that photo by my camera so thought it would be better to keep it in the image name for future reference so l can easily find photos that have been uploaded. I will take your advise and rename my files. Luckily I haven't uploaded that many yet. :D
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Posted: 09/22/2013, 08:09:54 AM
Okay, I'm really confused. I can't find anything on how to properly name my images. I don't want to waste my time or the time of the reviewers....which appears to be the case as so far 8 out of 24 photos have been rejected for this reason.

This is a silly waste of time for everyone because I'm making the same mistake but don't know what mistake I'm making.

I find there really isn't a concise or proper area for a new contributor to access for information on this issue. When I do a search for "naming images" nothing comes up.

I understand from your message that I shouldn't put DSCF1234 but can I name a file....Mud Dauber Wasp, or should it be Muddauberwasp, or is it okay to put MudDauberWasp?

What is the purpose of the image name? Is this what the buyer uses to search? It would help if I understood more about who or why that information is irrelevant. Irrevelevant to whom?

Thanks everyone, don't mean to be a dunce, lol, just need to be educated on how this works.
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Posted: 09/22/2013, 11:52:20 AM
Image titles are important for potential buyers as titles can (and should) provide a very short and accurate description of what the picture is about. It could be something simple and descriptive as 'red tomato' of you can point to the more conceptual aspects of the image, such as 'healthy food'. If you wish you can use capitals at te beginning of the sentence : 'Red tomato' and 'Healthy food'. In the description you can provide elaborated information such as 'A red tomato shot over a white background' or you can provide extra information on where a picture is shot (if relevant).

The filename of your picture is irrelevant information for our buyers so it should be kept out of the image information. As each image gets a a unique Dreamstime ID, you should be able to keep track of your uploads. In the 'upload history' part of your management area you are able to check your uploads over the past 60 days, including your own filenames: your upload history
Hope this helps!
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Thank you Martinedegraaf! Now that makes sense. I didn't realize that the image title is displayed for the buyer. I thought it was the ID # provided by Dreamstime.

Yes this helps very much! :)
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Posted: 09/22/2013, 12:58:36 PM
Also, the image title is factored into how an image is found when a buyer searches for it. Title, description and keywords help place an image in the proper area on a page of like images. Keep it precise and your images will more easily be found by buyers. With millions of images visual searches often bog down. No buyer wants to look through pages and pages of images so they use search words to find images. Proper title, description and keywords are vital.

Posted: 09/22/2013, 16:40:46 PM