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Obligatory "hello I'm new and looking for tips" thread

"Hello I'm new and looking for tips!"

I picked up a D5100 a couple years ago and am still learning about photography. I thought I would explore the world of microstock photography after I heard about it from a friend. The berry picture in my portfolio was the third picture I ever took but since then I've had trouble getting acceptances.

Any tips you can offer a newbie?
Nikon D5100
Posted: 09/21/2013, 13:08:47 PM
Your food pics are a good start. The best things you can do are:
-Research as to what buyers want
-Get more photos up
-Participate in the community
And don't feel bad if sales are slow. You have 3 pics! Good luck!
Posted: 09/22/2013, 06:16:26 AM
try to make a bigger portfolio, the pics you have are good,
sales will grow slowly, so be patience, and try to make a portfolio with a great variaty of
pics, succes
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 14:05:44 PM