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Originally posted by Wisconsinart:
Quoted Message: The new pricing system was a result of changing market conditions. The market conditions may be what you see. A well performing portfolio will see fluctuations. I don`t think a well performing portfolio falls off the map.

Wisconsinart, I don't think it is falling off the map, just "slower" in earnings with the new pricing system. Luckily I am not exclusive on DT and my other agencies work like a bomb at the moment.
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Posted: 10/09/2013, 23:08:18 PM

Originally posted by Pindiyath100:
Quoted Message: would like to report that so far October is excellent in terms of big credit sales. if the way things are going for us now, we should have a golden October, a lovely month to `remember`. ;)

September start big for me and the end was disastrous, why October should be better?! A daily graph will reveal you a lots of interesting things.
Posted: 10/09/2013, 23:59:22 PM
@Alvera, only few times we were able to cross $150 in 10 days and today we did it again, all thanks to the big credit sales. So we're kinda sure that we'll hit big this month :):) As for September, started out little slow but after mid of the month credit sales boosted income. :)
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Congrats Agaliza! Historically September is the start of the Holiday selling season, after designers return for summer holidays and get down to work.

Oddly enough, for me, this is the first September in 8 years that has not seen a large jump in sales over summer months. Glad the formula is still working in your case though :)
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Posted: 10/10/2013, 14:50:16 PM
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