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Referral ( section was wrong)

hi everyone i have few questions about things happened with me on Dreamstime and i dont get
it seems i submitted my thread in a wrong section)

1- the referral program: its knows that when u get referrals u get 10% of their sale..i see sales happens and increasing to my referrals but the last 2 sales was not added to my total revenue which is weird

2- Key-wording: i sent lots of my image to be keyworded the weirdest thing happened that my photos disappeared but emailed the moderators they had no clue and they have denied that there was photos at all that was disappread during keywording that's after taking the the 0.6 price for each image i submitted for key-wording and then the images disapeared and i didnt get back my money for keywording for the lost photos after the photos were lost ..or god knows where the photos went...!!
also it made me pretty upset then but I didnt find any explanation for it and then i had to upload the photos that disappeared again!!! that was months ago
am still pretty annoyed about it...they took money from me and they made my photos disappear!!!!!

and i didnt say anything about it but said to myself it might be a mistake and wont happen again but now i guess i have to speak about it

3- Exclusivity: although there is no any clear description about it. i had canceled my exclusivity after all this happened, and stopped uploading photos also after awhile i decided that i will give it another try so i chose exclusive again but guess what they have took all the photos revenue and if u go to the exclusivity page in management area u will find all the ( Exclusive results of your portfolio u will find
(number of ) images online
(Number of )exclusive images
$..... upload bonus
$......last 15 credit sales
$......last 15 subscription sales
and then the $......total revenue in dollars
but guess what u dont get any of this money bec u have applied for exclusivity before
if u go to the FAQ u will find nothing that say they will take over the upload bonuses for good
when i emailed the moderators also they had no clue also like its a normal process that often happens
it should be clear in FAQ that if u have canceled exclusivity that they will take the money

and a few months back when i was close to 100$ i lost most of the money in keywording photos which had disappeared or the upload bonuses that i never returned and went back to 30$
very disappointing really ( back to square one)

anyone faced any of this? please help what i should do now as things start to disappear again
and now its happening with the referral program ...any ideas plz?
Edited: 09/30/2013, 07:26:10 AM
Safy, I will try to address some of your concerns here but I strongly recommend you contact support again for more details because we do need Id numbers of images for investigation. I never recall answering emails with "we do not have a clue".

1. If you do not see the last sales of your referrals, it is possible there was a delay in updating the site info. Also, please ensure these referrals have not been members for more than 3 years. As you know, referrals are assigned to you for three years after their registration and this is mentioned on the referral program page (10% of transactions for the next three years).
You do need to contact support for further investigation and you need to provide the ID numbers of the images sold or the usernames of your referrals.

2. The money you give for keywording services go entirely to the keymaster. This is a very automated system which works like this, you submit the image, the 0.60 is withdrawn from your account. If at review your image is refused, then the money is returned to your account automatically. If the image is approved, then it is keyworded by a keymaster. The money is always returned if your image does not get online.
If however, the images stay online for a few months, or for years and they are removed afterwards -maybe as part of a database cleanup process see more details here or maybe because they were accidentally approved - then you do not receive the money back.
Again, you do need to contact support. You do have an upload history, earnings history which we can track and see if earnings really disappeared from your account or are unaccounted for.

3. We have told on numerous occasions that the amount of money given on the exclusivity page is the maximum potential amount you get from your portfolio. If you drop exclusivity and then apply again, you do not receive the upload bonus for the files you already received it for. The image upload bonus is awarded only once for each image. We do reward upload bonus for all images in your portfolio that never received it and for the ones to come. The special exclusivity commissions are rewarded for all sales and for all images.
All users who ask about the upload bonus are clearly explained the above.

If you drop exclusivity before 6 months from becoming one, our agency reserves the right to apply penalties and your earnings may be affected. Perhaps this is what happened to your earnings.
Refunds are again another explanation to earnings disappearing from your account.

However, these are all just speculations, possible explanations and really, until you contact support with more info for us to investigate, we can only shoot in the dark and make assumptions. Money do not simply disappear from user's accounts without explanation.

Later edit: I wanted to also let you know that I have deleted your other thread which was basically the same as this one above, only in a different forum. It is usually enough to post only once.
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