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I am eslisba

I got Illustrator and Photoshop ready in desktop
From tomorrow i will be creating art and start uploading

Wish me luck newbie here
Posted: 10/03/2013, 14:35:00 PM
Welcome and best of luck. Don't disheart with rejection, dont stop learning, it is not easy making money machine, work hard and get rewarded. :-)

I am still learning illustrator and will upload my images very soon.
Edited: 10/04/2013, 03:34:27 AM
welcome and good luck !
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Posted: 10/04/2013, 03:25:36 AM
Hi Eslisba! What nice nice name that's!! :) Welcome to DT and everything Raheel wrote above. :)
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Posted: 10/04/2013, 03:32:37 AM
Hello and welcome. Good luck to you, you will soon learn what is required and gradually have more accepted and sales to follow.
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Posted: 10/04/2013, 03:37:42 AM
Hello Eslisba, welcome to DT and good luck here!
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Posted: 10/04/2013, 05:36:40 AM
Hello and welcome!
Posted: 10/04/2013, 12:41:48 PM
welcome to dt! best of luck.
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Posted: 10/04/2013, 20:11:24 PM
Thank you so much all
Posted: 10/05/2013, 14:26:28 PM
welcome to DT and good luck
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Posted: 10/08/2013, 00:32:38 AM
Unfortunately this "new user" ESLISBA has tried to upload other peoples illustrations and pass them off as their own work. This type of practice is not acceptable and we work hard everyday to protect our legitimate users.

All three illustrations submitted belong to other people, two of the images belong to other Dreamstime members. Here is the RIGHTFUL owner/image of the first intercepted submissions    Polygonal geometric figures. Set of design elements   , it was an exact duplicate that was being passed off by ESLISBA as their own work.

Please contact support if you ever see anything suspicious or use our REPORT MISUSE button if you find images being misused in other places. Thank you.
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Edited: 10/09/2013, 11:17:32 AM by Admin
If BCritchley's right should be taken report misuse against her!
Edited: 10/09/2013, 13:21:32 PM
There is no if, this has been investigated and proven. We decided to publicly announce this issue to raise awareness. Please don't let the user image fool you, this is also taken from the net and is actually of Nancy Nabil Ajram who is a multi-platinum recording artist and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and has absolutely nothing to do with this "new user".
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Posted: 10/09/2013, 13:27:05 PM
Thank you notified us about it, BCritchley! Hopefully if there are such people on DT be detected and show up on time! Cheers!
Posted: 10/09/2013, 13:34:18 PM
Good detective work DT !
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Posted: 10/09/2013, 22:09:25 PM
Mudplucker took the words outta my mouth. :) Good work, Brett!! DT Rocks!!! Shame on the culprit...
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Posted: 10/09/2013, 22:12:07 PM