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Please help about how to check vector problems

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Originally posted by Celiaak:
Quoted Message: Choose "slicing" the image, and changing its color from darker to lighter in various juxtaposed layers.It will have a diferent look and feel, but, personnally, I like it.

Thanks. Please share one of your illustration using this technique to understand what means slicing.
Posted: 11/24/2013, 01:26:10 AM
   Love Bird in a Cloudy Garden   
Look at the "slicing" of the clouds.
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Posted: 11/24/2013, 01:45:49 AM
And look here "sliced" pumkins:

and one with a sliced tongue too:

PS- I invented the term "sliced" to explain better my thought. I dont know what is the correct term.
Nikon D3100, Inkscape, Imagination, Hands
Posted: 11/24/2013, 01:49:56 AM
Other thing - I think I had made one or two EPS accepted here in inkscape with gradients (no transparencies). I still think there is a hiden file or object messing up the illustration. When dealing with the original, zoom out, select a large area well beyond your working area and see if there are suspect bounding boxes selected.
Look at the number of object selected on the bottom: do they seem too much? You might have duplications over duplications messing things up.

Other good practice is to vacuum the image to get rid of uneeded phantom information. Click file --- Vacuum Def.
Nikon D3100, Inkscape, Imagination, Hands
Posted: 11/24/2013, 01:56:49 AM
Thanks. Slicing is a kind of gradient with just 3-4 steps :)
About your gradient-accepted images... you make me very curious. I wilk check your port...
Posted: 11/24/2013, 13:56:42 PM
Very much like your photos
Posted: 02/11/2014, 19:39:26 PM
I have a friend who is a newcomer to the model agreement could help explain how to fill my English is not good so that some characters can not upload photos Thank you
Posted: 02/12/2014, 23:23:36 PM
Fxsfxs, tell me more, how can we help. Do you want to fill this?
Edited: 02/13/2014, 08:00:46 AM
If you are asking about photography, try the "general" section of the forum, under "photography".

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Posted: 02/13/2014, 08:38:18 AM
Sorry meant to post somewhere else and don't see a delete button
Edited: 02/17/2014, 20:09:27 PM
No problem, leave it here :)
Posted: 02/18/2014, 01:26:43 AM
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