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Hi Everyone,

Yes my portfolio is very small, however I do have three sales. What makes me wonder is that the sales are only on my photographs, I would like to concentrate my time on illustrations. I cannot find the time in the day to go out and shoot things, this venture is something to do after work. Any advice? Do vectors sell on this site well? Am I on the right track? Thank you for your time!
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Edited: 12/08/2013, 21:55:41 PM
You have good ideas but the illustrations are simple. Good chances to sell if you make them more complex. The illustration market is over saturated, like photography. I have some illustrations too, need more, hundreds, to see if they value something. Good luck.
Posted: 12/08/2013, 22:48:45 PM
Don't make stuff like "vegetable icons", I'd say. Because things like that has been supplied in plenty and chances are that you'd never sell it. My suggestion would be to try "realistic illustrations" - it is something that very few people have the ability to make. If you can learn may do extremely well.
   Asteroid or comet DA14 in the night sky scene   

An illustrator cannot create this easily...and a photographer simply cannot shoot it, which makes such images difficult to find and easier to sell PROVIDED it is in demand.
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Posted: 12/09/2013, 12:32:37 PM
Excellent advice, Robin!
Posted: 12/09/2013, 16:55:59 PM
Thanks very much for the feedback, this helps a lot!
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Posted: 12/09/2013, 17:48:11 PM
I think your illustations are cool (since I don't have the knowledge to draw), so keep uploading, and take a look again at Robin`s advice. Very few people make realistic illustrations, I know you can handle it, since you already got some nice vectors.
Good luck!
Posted: 12/10/2013, 01:54:28 AM
Thanks Preslav :)
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Posted: 12/13/2013, 10:34:59 AM