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How to Create Collections

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Useful, thank you!
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Posted: 02/19/2014, 14:42:35 PM
It's a good article for me .Thanks !
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Posted: 02/26/2014, 00:59:17 AM
eliane thanks! it is true .. keep collections is really very interesting and fun because it lets you see and discover great photos of colleagues and fill your heart with wonderful photos! you are a great example!
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Posted: 06/18/2014, 15:12:51 PM
Well, Eliane, a year later, I am finally getting a chance to create a Collection and make it public..I sure hope I do it right..Thank you for your help!
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Posted: 01/19/2015, 08:48:30 AM
Great my friend, if you need any help, let me know :)
Posted: 01/19/2015, 12:36:29 PM
Thanks Eliane. Very useful and clear information for a beginner like me. However, I have a question about a collection, so if someone can answer. Is there some kind of rule when you add photo of other authors in your own collection, or whether we can somehow inform or ask about taking their photos? I did not notice the possibility of direct correspondence with other authors. Thank you!
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Posted: 06/17/2015, 11:48:21 AM
Hi Mgntplus, if you add someone else's photo to your collection, you're kind of complimenting the work and doing the contributor a favor. Adding photos should give them more exposure and a higher chance of selling.
Posted: 06/17/2015, 12:27:01 PM
Thank you Eliane, very helpful information, created my first collection thanks to you. I found some public collections in wich i want to add my pictures, can you please explain me step by step how to do it?
Posted: 11/07/2015, 08:11:27 AM
You're welcome Alexandr822 :)
Posted: 11/07/2015, 11:18:52 AM
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