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Are stats showing up to date? in earnings-balance?

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same problem here...2 sales not recorded, while the earnings total is increasing!
Posted: 03/04/2014, 13:10:09 PM
same problem
Posted: 03/04/2014, 13:15:38 PM
Same problem here ...and delay is very high....
Posted: 03/04/2014, 13:50:55 PM
Same here - the lag is 6 hours at this point.
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Posted: 03/04/2014, 13:53:16 PM
uploaded 6 and 3 shjowing refused. THe other 3 just plain disappeard. Income is showing as 1 was accepted, but no image and no update in the image count
2.8, Sigma 24-135. Nikon SB800 SB600 Dell Studio17 Laptop...
Posted: 03/04/2014, 15:50:32 PM
Ditto. Accepted photos, but not listed in my online images. Sales increases but no info in the earnings report.

Also, there appears to be a broken icon for one of my pending images. Very odd.
Nikon and Pentax
Posted: 03/04/2014, 16:34:02 PM
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