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Critique request

I've uploaded a few days ago, a picture:

 Red traffic light - drawing 

which altrough it's a photography edited in photoshop, doesn't look like one. I am courious what is the downloaders impression, it this image usefull or not ? Should I make a few more in this style, so they could be combined in a project ? If so, how many ?

Any suggestion about good things and bad things in the image ?

Thank you in advance !
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Posted: 1 minute ago
If I'm not mistaken, you have used the "find edges" filter and then cleaned the image up a little. The result is nice but I think it limites the use of the picture.

Without trying to underestimate your work,I imagine that many designers that handle PS well enough could achieve this effect with a regular image.

On the other hand it would be much better if the image was a vector (there are special programs that let you vectorize photographs) so that the designers could play with colors and various other effects or just leave it as it is -a sketch.

I'm not saying your image is bad, on the contrary, but I was just trying to point out some possible drawbacks.
Posted: 09/18/2004, 10:09:52 AM
Yes, you are true... Thanks for comment...

I'm learning new tricks in photoshop every day. This one looked very interesting, at least for me...

My purpose for oppening this discussion was to find out if it's worth to get more pictures made in this style or not... I am imagining that, a downloader would be in need for several images that look similar... but I might be wrong...

Thank you again.
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Posted: 09/18/2004, 11:29:34 AM
If they accepted this image then yes I would do a small series in the same manner and I'm saying this without regarding the image at all but the simple fact that even if the demand is not high somebody down the road might have a need for any photo you can think of. 1 sale or 100 sales they all add up together in the end so upload as many shots of as many styles as you can. thats my opinion. Now referring to the image itself the first thing I would recommend is adding some more keywords that refer to the style like .. sketch,line,pencil,.. etc.
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Posted: 09/20/2004, 01:32:23 AM
In my humble opinion. This has to be the one of the best uses of find edges I've seen. Looks really cool.
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Posted: 09/20/2004, 01:45:18 AM
I would go for more pics in this style, ONLY if the subject prooves as popular. If you hve more than 1 download than you can think about it. Otherwise, you can draw a conclusion of overfiltered as Dana explained.

The picture is nice, the vectorial idea is even better, but if you're a designer you would prefer the original, has more detail. However, sometimes the idea can be original and the designer doens't necesarily have to think about it. I guess this is why it has been selected.
Posted: 09/20/2004, 04:56:17 AM
Thanks a lot for all your comments...

No downloads yet on the image...

I will think about making more in this style, after I'll receive my new computer and settle down a little.

Thanks again !
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Posted: 1 minute ago