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Two men at desk

We need a photo of two men indoor, each of them sitting at a desk.

Focus on the first one in foreground with strong light coming from above or from left side. Should look satisfied and professional.

The other one in background, slightly blurred and in a darker lighting should look upset and stressed.

Both should wear suits and photo orientation should be landscape (as much width as possible, like a panorama ratio). Space should be left for copy at the right side or between the two people.

Any urgent help will be HIGHLY appreciated and immediately downloaded :))
Edited: 10/14/2004, 11:35:22 AM
Here's the response from Amaviel:

 Positive vs. Negative 
Posted: 10/19/2004, 03:34:00 AM
Thank you Amaviel, great shot, just what we needed.
Posted: 10/19/2004, 03:36:17 AM