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Originally posted by Gala98:
Quoted Message:

Wish I was there to take this one - beatiful, peaceful and great colours.

My Sunrise Silhouette was taken the same morning. I learned a very valuable lesson that day, ALWAYS TAKE THE BUG WIPES ALONG! The sand fleas had a field day with me!

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Posted: 08/06/2006, 15:49:44 PM
Here's one by Gala98:

 American Fish Eagle 

A stunning and educational foto/caption combination: I never knew the American Bald Eagle was also a fish eagle. I guess Ben Franklin was right: it's a bird of questionable reputation.

Nice Shot, Helen
Canon EOS 5D
Posted: 08/06/2006, 16:24:51 PM
 Autumn red and green 

From Bob Wolverton. I love the mix of colors.


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Posted: 08/06/2006, 18:05:20 PM
My favorite. Very colorful.

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
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Edited: 08/06/2006, 19:56:02 PM
I really like this image in yout protfolio dehooks. Very cool to have a girl that seems to know about cars. Great happy smile as well. :-)

 Not Just for Guys 
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Posted: 08/07/2006, 06:56:19 AM
Wow, this game is getting populair! More than 2100 views in a short period!!!

It was very difficult to make a choice out the portefolio of ROSSCO, a lot of very great perspectief shots! But this one is my most favorite one: THRONE in SHADOWS and divine light !! (exact on the DT logo haha)

 Throne in Shadows 

I like the mysterious feeling of this photograph and de big constrast between light and dark. Very beautiful with this trone in red wood, instead of gold. This picture feels a little arty, many pictures of Rossco are artistic, because the space above the throne. Very good crop! i like this one!!!

Un saludo,


Edited: 08/08/2006, 03:43:12 AM
Hi Tamas,

it isn't very difficult to find excellent photos in your portfolio but it's very challenging to pick the one i like most, cause there are too many.

I've chosen this one of yours

 Background three eyes 

It's a great shot with a mystic aura and makes me think of Lara Croft and her Tomb Raider adventures ;-) --> more thinking of Angelina Jolie (hehe)


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Posted: 08/07/2006, 14:15:15 PM


This is the one I pick. Love it! It is absolutely perfect in every way. Looks like it would make a great cover to a horror novel!! (Kinda creepy - just up my alley) :) I also like "your photo" in your profile. Good one!!
Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pixmantec RawShooter....
Edited: 08/08/2006, 01:29:43 AM
I love the way the little girl is truly happy and looking at the camera as if it were a whole new world :-)

 Photographer in training 
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Posted: 08/08/2006, 02:02:25 AM

Originally posted by Paulagent:
Quoted Message: I love the way the little girl is truly happy and looking at the camera as if it were a whole new world :-)

Ha! Thanks - she was having a good time - she had just taken a picture of "mom's butt" and thought it was the funnest thing in the world!! Kids - gotta love them!
Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pixmantec RawShooter....
Posted: 08/08/2006, 10:42:35 AM
 Grass Track Bridge. 

The lighting is wonderful and You can't help but wonder why these bridges are tangled up the way they are!?
Canon 5D 17-35 2.8 75-300 IS 4-5.6
Posted: 08/08/2006, 15:13:50 PM
 The beach 

Just love these kind of images.

Beautiful. Perfect exposure

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Posted: 08/08/2006, 15:52:11 PM
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

Because it struck me from the first sight and that is a big quality for a picture.
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Posted: 08/09/2006, 12:26:36 PM

You burnt the food! Love the shot though!

Bryce 6.1, Poser 5, Daz Studio, Carrara 6.1
Posted: 08/09/2006, 15:41:46 PM

Originally posted by Avion49:
Quoted Message:  Barbeque 

You burnt the food! Love the shot though!


hahahahaha, i love it! that's a bit like when i let my daughter loose on the bbq to try her hand at cooking on it ;)

c'mon you guys, i am dying to have another go but i don't want to be greedy and go twice on one page!
50mm prime....
Posted: 08/10/2006, 02:37:50 AM
 Rust Texture and Screw Head 

I love the orange and the texture. Makes me want to touch it!
Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Posted: 08/10/2006, 04:58:27 AM
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

Nice creative use of materials and lighting.
Posted: 08/10/2006, 08:56:03 AM
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

I love the mountains. There is nothing more private or serene.

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Posted: 08/13/2006, 05:39:03 AM
 Across The Smokey Mountains 
Canon 30D (and previously Canon 10D)
Posted: 08/13/2006, 07:10:41 AM
Interesting combination of effects here :

Posted: 08/13/2006, 08:49:28 AM
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