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Html code in description

I looked but couldn't find any other thread on this subject.

Can we have html code in our description... perhaps linking to other images of ours in dreamstime.
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Posted: 10/27/2004, 08:22:05 AM
Yeah, for example to provide a closeup patch of the otherwise unvisible detail(s).
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Posted: 10/27/2004, 09:17:41 AM
You can add HTML tags within your description if this is the question. Just be careful not to mess the layout (width of the pic should be less than 300 pixels I think)
Posted: 10/27/2004, 10:16:53 AM
Can you give us a sample code we could used to do this?
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Posted: 10/27/2004, 10:21:38 AM
is a regular html tag, something like

{img src="http://www.yourserver.com/yourthumbnail.jpg" width=x height=x border=0}

replace the generic parameters with your own and { / }with < / >

Again, be very careful and choose a small width.
Posted: 10/27/2004, 10:56:02 AM
Assuming the width limit is for image appearence in the cell of the board frame. Is there a limit if the link opens a new browser window?
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Posted: 10/27/2004, 11:03:51 AM

Originally posted by Bevdl:
Quoted Message: Assuming the width limit is for image appearence in the cell of the board frame. Is there a limit if the link opens a new browser window?

No but for this you will include a text link or a smaller thumbnail.

I was refering to images posted in description on this type of page:

maximum width=200


for the message boards it's ok to upload around let's say a maximum width=500
Posted: 10/27/2004, 11:15:26 AM
I tried. I must regrettfully report that HTML in description field gets silently erased with no error or warning whatsoever, tried with quotes and without, it seems that the "HTML brackets" - { as Achilles referred - strike a note in the system which then decides to remove it. Maybe the site developers could lend a hand here. This would be useful feature if utilized right.
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Posted: 10/31/2004, 16:34:42 PM
Yes, I have checked with the guys in here and indeed it's removing the HTML code for images. We will discuss and see if it should be added, it seems we were worried about the layout getting scrambled.
Posted: 11/01/2004, 03:39:23 AM
Maybe it makes sense to add an optional field to the upload page with the possibility to upload a closeup patch or whatever, the link opens in a blank new window, so it is not restricted by dimensions and it is for the photog to decide how much of their picture they care to present without the protective watermark...
DX, Nikkor 70-200mm/2.8 VR, Nikkor 10-24mm/3.5-4.5...
Posted: 11/01/2004, 04:57:20 AM
We will think about this, there might be a problem because we could lose control over the layout and watermark protection.
Posted: 11/02/2004, 02:29:52 AM
i change my html code... and now not works like this tags.. ,
Posted: 02/28/2012, 14:50:26 PM
Achilles can u help me? why not work BB codes or HTML?
Posted: 02/29/2012, 03:07:04 AM
Due to security issues we no longer support HTML tags in description (nor in other profile section).
Please do not re-open threads so old (this one is from 2004).
Posted: 02/29/2012, 08:27:26 AM
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Edited: 02/29/2012, 17:48:22 PM