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Milestones thread

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Congrats Cheryl Casey !

really very nice shot
Nikon D80, And My Pc
Posted: 08/26/2008, 19:41:09 PM
nice capture!!!!
Posted: 08/26/2008, 23:14:52 PM

Originally posted by Cherylcasey:
Quoted Message: Wow - what a nice surprise this morning. Thanks DT!!!!

Congrats, Cheryl!

Nikon DSLR and various equipment
Posted: 08/27/2008, 05:45:13 AM

Originally posted by Tangie:
Quoted Message: Our latest milestone, image no. 3,600,000 comes straight from the sunny seaside, where a mom enjoyed a relaxing day while watching her kids playing in the water.

 Mom Relaxing on Beach 

Congratulations to Cheryl Casey for uploading this beach shot. A green Ipod and Dreamstime T-shirt are on their way to the winner.

Designers, downloading this image will automatically enter you in our competition for 100 free credits.

nice photo!

NIKON D40 KIT My english is poor,I very appreciate you corrections.
Posted: 08/27/2008, 06:26:18 AM
Our latest milestone, image no. 3,700,000 is now online.

Congratulations to Bowie15 for uploading this image and a Dreamstime T-shirt along with a new shiny Ipod are on their way to our winner.

Just in time to play some lullabies for the baby :


Designers, downloading this image will enter you in our competition for 100 free credits.

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Congrats, a gorgeous pregnancy shot
Posted: 09/08/2008, 05:43:29 AM
Congratulations! Stunning image!
Posted: 09/08/2008, 07:35:47 AM
Congrats, pregnancy shot was awesome...hope to see more
Posted: 09/21/2008, 22:10:02 PM
Our latest milestone, image no. 3,800,000 is currently online. Needless to say we are getting closer and closer to a new round number of online images. In the meantime, until the big 4 celebration, let's enjoy some juicy grapes:

   A bunch of grapes   

Congratulations to Mauro Marzo for uploading the milestone image. A Dreamstime T-shirt and an Ipod are on their way to the winner.

Designers, downloading this image will enter you in our competition for 100 free credits.

Posted: 09/22/2008, 10:05:43 AM
I'm really happy and surprised!!

Thanks a lot Dreamstime!!
Currently Nikon Digital FX full frame format and Nikon 1
Posted: 09/22/2008, 13:05:06 PM
2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 105mm micro, 85mm 1.4, 60mm micro, TC14, and TC17....
Posted: 09/22/2008, 17:16:33 PM

Nice. Congrats...

f/2.8 - Flash Sony HVL-F58AM - Flash Sony HVL-F42AM....
Posted: 09/23/2008, 21:42:41 PM
Image no 3,900,000 is currently online and is walking fast to bring us closer and closer to 4 million images.

 Walking businessman 

An IPod and a T-shirt are packed to be delivered to Photovibes for uploading this file. Congratulations and enjoy the presents :).

Designers, hurry to download this milestone image and you will be automatically enrolled in our contest. The briefcase contains 100 free credits for a lucky buyer.

Edited: 10/07/2008, 08:19:03 AM by Admin
I just received notification that I won the 100 credits for downloading this image:

   A bunch of grapes   


It couldn't have come at a better time. I had just run out of credits and was about to have to buy more for an upcoming project.
mm, Sigma 105 mm macro...
Posted: 10/07/2008, 09:10:43 AM
congratz to both of you :)

The 3,9mio-image looks really nice! :)
Canon EOS 550D, 1000D, Sigma 17-70mm, Adobe Photoshop
Posted: 10/07/2008, 09:25:57 AM

I was actually surprised yesterday when I read that my image was no 3.9 mil, and on top of it all I got a nice present as well. So I wanted to drop a line and say Thank You Dreamstime and it's friendly community.

The image has sold once since yesterday, I guess someone wants those credits 100 huh?
Posted: 10/08/2008, 03:12:17 AM
Congrats Photovibes, may your Agro Executive earn you lot of credits, since he had already earned you an iPod!
f/4L Canon EF 70-300mm IS/USM f/4-5.6 Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM/Macro ...
Posted: 10/08/2008, 18:33:22 PM
Congrats to all! The pregnant photo is stunning. keep clicking.... and uploading. :-)
Suite, Macintosh OS X ...
Posted: 10/09/2008, 17:09:26 PM
Great shots, congrats to all
lenses ...
Posted: 10/19/2008, 06:22:58 AM
Time to make statements, voice opinions, thoughts and congratulations. The whole community is welcome to take the microphone and make their speech as our latest major milestone, image no. 4,000,000, is now "on the air" and online.

 Vintage Microphone in front of blurred background 

Congratulations to Miflippo for uploading this image and his lucky microphone will bring him a new Ipod and a Dreamstime T-shirt.

Congratulations to all users and admin staff for their contribution in reaching this milestone.

Designers, downloading this image will enter you in our competition for 100 free credits.

Edited: 10/20/2008, 02:50:23 AM by Admin
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